Prentiss Co. Tournament – Fun

Got the schedule for the Prentiss County Tournament, which begins Wednesday at New Site. Got some fun-looking matchups. A whole lot of tradition will be in that gym.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

6:30 p.m. – (G) Baldwyn vs. Booneville
8:00 – (B) Wheeler vs. Jumpertown

Thursday, Jan. 17

5 p.m. – (B) New Site vs. Booneville
6:30 – (G) Jumpertown vs. Thrasher
8:00 – (B) Baldwyn vs. Wheeler/Jumpertown winner

Friday, Jan. 18

5 p.m. – (G) Wheeler vs. Baldwyn/Booneville winner
6:30 – (B) Thrasher vs. New Site/Booneville winner
8:00 – (G) New Site vs. Jumpertown/Thrasher winner

Saturday, Jan. 19

6 p.m. – Girls final
7:30 – Boys final


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