Nelson Waiting on MHSAA

The MHSAA is investigating the transfer of Lakyn Nelson from Mooreville to North Pontotoc. Let’s hope the investigator, whoever it is this time, will figure out how to knock on doors.

Nelson, a junior, is the reigning Daily Journal Player of the Year in slow-pitch softball and is a fine basketball player, too. She is currently enrolled at North Pontotoc.

Her family has moved to a rented house in Ecru over Christmas break. They are building a house there on family-owned land – her father, Kerry Nelson, is originally from nearby Thaxton and attended North Pontotoc – and it should be completed by the end of the school year. Meggin, Lakyn’s younger sister, also plays softball and basketball.

Dr. Ennis Proctor, the MHSAA executive director, told me today that the transfer is “under investigation” and that a decision should be rendered within a week’s time. He offered no further comment.



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3 responses to “Nelson Waiting on MHSAA

  1. charleston11

    “A week’s time” ? wow, it takes that long to determine if a player makes a “bona fide” move?

  2. Hey, it’s the MHSAA we’re talking about. That’s about how long it took on the Newsome investigation.

  3. datguy

    This should be interesting. There is no way they can rule her elegible with out a backlash from the Newsome case. Regardless of the fact that they live in North Pontotoc she started out playing ball in Mooreville this season. I cant wait to see what happens.

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