A Funereal Setting

I’ve shown up to a gym before only to find out the game I was supposed to cover was postponed or canceled. I’ve never heard of that happening to a team, though.

When Baldwyn’s basketball teams arrived at Hollandale Simmons on Saturday, the gym was already emptying. But it wasn’t a basketball crowd. It was a funeral crowd.

I don’t know who had died, but Baldwyn coach Jason McKay wasn’t too worried even when chairs were still strewn about the floor at 5:15, 45 minutes before the girls were to tip off.

“That’s just the way it is over here,” he thought.

When Simmons coach George Willis finally showed up, he had no players in tow. There were no refs, either.

“The bottom line,” McKay told Willis, “is we’re here. Get your assistant coach or whoever you want to call the game, and we’ll play.”

The MHSAA would’ve loved that.

But there would be no game.

The teams were originally scheduled to meet on Dec. 1, but the football playoffs forced it’s being moved. Willis insisted that the makeup date had never been agreed upon, only discussed, but McKay said otherwise, citing witnesses to the coaches’ conversation.

McKay later learned that one of Simmons’ best players was out with an elbow injury. Willis offered to travel to Baldwyn on another day, but the Bearcats’ schedule is too full.

On the bright side, McKay said, “They’ve got a great Wendy’s that’s a 3 1/2-hour drive to eat at.”



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5 responses to “A Funereal Setting

  1. natefromamory

    Coach Mckay was my High School basketball coach at Smithville he is a class act and very knowledgible of the game but would have happened if the would have played with them picking thier own officials?

  2. The MHSAA would’ve come down on them, because that would have been a violation of the rules. I think he was just hacked at wasting all that gas.

  3. tupelopixdotcom

    I was thinking this was gonna be a write up about the Tupelo boys soccer team when I read the title. Turns out it was funny instead of soberingly sad.

  4. charleston11

    Why would the Baldwyn coach not call the Hollandale coach to confirm the game before he drove his team 3 hours?

  5. I guess because he was 100% sure it was on. I don’t know if coaches normally call ahead on game days; I wouldn’t think so, but I’m not a coach. Certainly not a bad idea.

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