Union Co. Tournament – Strong

Here’s the schedule for the Union County Tournament, which starts Thursday at New Albany. Heck of a strong field, with Myrtle and Ingomar’s teams playing well, and New Albany ain’t too shabby. Myrtle and Ingomar have the only Class 1A teams in the Daily Journal top-10 rankings.

5:30 p.m. – (G) No. 5 East Union vs. No. 4 West Union
7:00 – (B) No. 4 East Union vs. No. 5 West Union
8:30 – (G) No. 2 Ingomar vs. No. 3 New Albany

5:30 p.m. – (G) No. 1 Myrtle vs. East Union/West Union winner
7:00 – (B) No. 1 Myrtle vs. East Union/West Union winner
8:30 – (B) No. 2 Ingomar vs. No. 3 New Albany

6 p.m. – Girls final
7:30 – Boys final


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4 responses to “Union Co. Tournament – Strong

  1. datguy

    Wow I see that you said that everybody in the Lee County Tournament but the Shannon teams were mediocre at best. You also said that Nettleton had a good record but they have not beat anybody. Then you write about the Union County Tournament and how its strong because Myrtle and Ingomar are in it along with New Albany who is not to Shabby. Guess that means Nettleton is not to Shabby either because they went to New Albany and SMASHED them on their on floor. Sounds like a little more than mediocre to me according to your standards.

  2. sportseditor

    That victory was earlier in New Albany’s season, they have progressed rapidly as the season has continued. The Union County Tournament is going to be strong because nobody knows who is going to win. When these county teams play each other it is a war everytime. Your schedule has one slight mistake the Ingomar girls were seeded above New Albany’s. i was surprpised but that was the way it was seeded at the coach’s meeting, either way they still play each other.

  3. Thanks, sportseditor. Problem fixed. I plan to be out there Friday and Saturday.

  4. sportseditor

    I will be there all three nights, so i will probably run into you

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