Lee Co. Tournament – Weak

The Lee County Tournament tips off Thursday and concludes Friday. Pretty weak field. They need to let Tupelo back in next year, but then there would be a chance of Tupelo and Shannon playing each other. Can’t have that, can we? Some certain adults need to grow up and works things out.

I think Tupelo Christian should be in there, too. The boys team is pretty strong this season (the girls not so much). Them plus Tupelo would make it a six-team field. We’ll cover it anyway, but only because it’s the Lee County Tournament, not because of the field. Shannon’s teams are good, but everyone else is mediocre at best. Yes, that includes Mooreville’s girls, who have struggled since Lakyn Nelson transferred to North Pontotoc. Nettleton’s boys have a good record, but they haven’t beaten anyone.

Well, here’s the schedule. The Union County and Monroe County tourneys are also this weekend. I’ll post those schedules when I get them.

4 p.m. – (G) Shannon vs. Saltillo
5:30 – (B) Shannon vs. Saltillo
7:00 – (G) Nettleton vs. Mooreville
8:30 – (B) Nettleton vs. Mooreville
4 p.m. – Girls consolation
5:30 – Boys consolation
7:00 – Girls championship
8:30 – Boys championship



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2 responses to “Lee Co. Tournament – Weak

  1. mmsdawg

    so what happened between Tupelo and Shannon that Tupelo can now not play in the Lee County Tournament???? I know it has always been “heated”……

  2. A few years ago, when Tupelo was hosting the tournament, Tupelo did not honor teachers’ passes. There was some other point of contention, and so the Lee County schools decided to shut Tupelo out. As for why they don’t play each other in football anymore, I think it has something to do with that incident, but mostly it’s just certain people in high positions not liking each other. Way to put the kids first!

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