All-Region 2-3A Football Team

Been posting most of these, so here are the 2-3A all-stars, as selected by the coaches. Marcus Hinton as a punter? That’s like putting Darren McFadden on an all-star team as a quarterback. Yeah, he can do it, but …

Player of the Year: Dennis Thames, Louisville
Offensive Player of the Year: Clayton Moore, Louisville
Defensive Player of the Year: Dameon Seals, Winona
Special Teams Player of the Year: Tre’ Kent, Winon

Super 24 Team
QB: Jami Boland, Nettleton
RB: Marcus Sanders, Nettleton
Ath: Harry Peoples, Winona
WR: Jeremy Jones, Nettleton; Tevin Blanchard, Aberdeen; Carlos Hunt, Louisville
OL: Taurus Ward, Aberdeen; Corey Edwards, Houston; Charlie Lowery, South Pontotoc; Steven Hunt, Louisville; Jarred Flemming, Louisville
K: Brett Spencer, Amory
DL: Trenny Manuel, Winona; Malcomb Kincaid, Louisville; Randy Hornesbuger, Louisville; Terrance Hardin, Louisville
LB: Terrance Dunlap, Aberdeen; Landon Brister, Houston; Emmanuel Thomas, Louisville; Hedrick Foster, Louisville
DB: Medford Hardin, Louisville; Earnie Triplett, Louisville; Rickey Bell, Aberdeen
P: Marcus Hinton, Aberdeen
First Team
Louisville: Emanuel Goss, Kyle Donald, Arnold Henderson, Clay Geter, Antwan Bragg, Mario Eichelberger, Drew Smith
Winona: Hunter Vaughn, Alfondus Alexander, Damien Sims, Earl Fleming, Detaureo Harrington, James Crawford
Aberdeen: Jamerson Love, Rashad Bates, Josh Cunningham, Tarvis Fair, Shelton Ward
Amory: Richard McFadden, Stephen Otey, Rico Jernighan, Brandon Anderson
Nettleton: Ladarrius Cole, Darrius Smith, Dale Seymore
Houston: Latham Brister, Avery Gates, Malcolm Hogan
South Pontotoc: Adam Roye, Willie Bailey, David Bowen


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