Newsome Rewind

Correspondent Jay Tidwell did a fine job covering the return of Jeremy Newsome last night in Houston. To recap, he had 9 points, 9 rebounds, 4 blocks, 1 steal and 2 assists in 20 minutes of play. The Chieftains won 66-61.

Would’ve been there myself, but had to help oversee a slumber party (we’re still cleaning up). Here are some extras from Jay.

• Newsome first entered the game with 56 seconds left in the first quarter. He played the final 13:35 of the game.

•  Interesting moments: 1) His first shot was a 3-pointer attempt at the buzzer to end the first quarter, from ten-o’clock spot on the perimeter, which hit the back of the rim and bounced out. 2) His last basket was with 1:05 left in game – took a pass at the top of the key, and drove straight to the basket, finishing with a soft shot off the glass.  I just thought both of those were interesting for a guy his size.

• Okolona coach Bobby Ford: “If you look at him, he’s heavier.  He said he’s been lifting weights, but he hasn’t been playing basketball.  So he’s a little sluggish.”

• Houston coach Bruce Franks: “He’s a good player, but I thought he did go over the back a lot.  Maybe that’s just me being the opposing coach. … He’s just intimidating in there.  And he’s the type of person that if you don’t take it to him, then he’s got part of your game on his side, because he’s making you think.  I think he did that a lot tonight.”

• Newsome: “Just being one of the best players in the state, and being able to show that on a Friday night, it’s wonderful.”


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