The Two Sides of My Job

Tuesday was an odd day for me. The events of the day reminded me of both the sunny side and the sad side of my job.

I was working on a late-developing story about Jeremy Newsome, who was trying to re-enroll at Okolona so he could play basketball again. He’s still at Nettleton but apparently hasn’t give up hope. Meanwhile, his lawsuit hearing against the MHSAA has been put off until January. I know some people are tired of reading about it, and sometimes I get tired of writing about it. It’s a story with many twists and turns, though, and I expect there will be more news soon.

After hastily putting that story together, I raced up to Thrasher for the Rebels’ game with Biggersville. As I sat in a comfortable chair and watched the teams glide up and down the floor – it was the best game I’ve seen in this young season – I was almost giddy with the thought that I get paid to do this. It was refreshing to see those young guys playing hard, playing well, and enjoying themselves. There’s still something to be said for 1A basketball in Northeast Mississippi.

We wound up covering some good games. Thrasher held off a late rally to win 69-62; Oxford’s boys beat Tupelo 76-66; and New Site’s girls edged rival Booneville 66-65 in OT. Hope we get that lucky again Friday, when we are tentatively scheduled to cover West Point-Starkville boys, South Pontotoc-Ingomar boys and South Panola-Tupelo (girls, I think).

Anyway, I hope today is more sunny than sad.



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3 responses to “The Two Sides of My Job

  1. tupelopixdotcom

    What do think the chances are of Newsome ever playing college hoops somewhere?

  2. If he can graduate and somehow stay afloat at the college level (academically), he’s good enough to play most anywhere. He plays center now, but obviously he’d have to be a small forward at a D-I school, which means he’d need to develop more range. He’s got good feet, though, and knows how to position himself. He’s a rebounding machine, and not just because he’s taller than most of his opponents. I imagine he’ll go JUCO at first, though.

  3. tupelopixdotcom

    Thats what I figured, do you know if anyone is recruiting him?

    BTW If you ever do a story on the THS soccer juggernaut, I have photos of whoever you need…

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