Championship Saturday, Etc.

I missed both football state championship games Friday, but I heard all about Tig Barksdale’s stupidity. Takes a bit of the luster off things, doesn’t it?

Saw today’s 1A game. Highly entertaining, and I loved the effort by Ray Brooks when all seemed lost. A 99-yard drive, an 88-yard TD run by Ireland – go figure. North’s 3-0, baby! Can’t wait for the Louisville-Franklin Co. game. I think the North can sweep. That’d be a change.

Wish I could be down there. Maybe next year. Saw a good girls basketball game last night in Glen. Alcorn Central is awfully good when it’s tuned in. Belmont is good, too, but as coach Chris Higginbottom told me, they live and die by the press. When his girls got in foul trouble, out went the press, along with any chance of winning.

I’ll be at the Okolona Hardwood Classic tonight, so I’ll probably miss all of the 4A game.

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  1. roastbeef1

    Yeah, Tig was stupid last night. Throwing the ball down at the 1! That’s horrible. At least they held on and won. I’m one of those types that roots for South Panola to win because they bring exposure to the state on a national level. The refs in that game were still horrible though.

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