My Bad

Apparently, Nettleton’s girls are not 6-0, even though that’s the record they gave us when they called in their last game. My bad. And check out this priceless e-mail from an angry fan. Actually, I think it might be a Saltillo player (I didn’t correct any grammar):

“This is just a little FYI for you……… Nettleton girls are far from being undefeated. How I know this? Because Saltillo girls whooped their little butts and sent them packing back to N-town on November 16. And another thing before yall start putting Tupelo girls in the top 10 in the area polls every week with their less than impressive 4-6 record, and then fill up every front page with big pictures from their games, why don’t ya’ll check out some other teams. LIke Saltillo for instance. We might have lost four games but 3 of those were by 3 points against some pretty great teams like New Site whose has only lost 1 so far and Biggersville who is undefeated. So you can just tell everyone we might be the underdog but we’re coming for them and they’ll know who we are by the time the game’s over.”



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6 responses to “My Bad

  1. roastbeef1

    That’s hilarious. What’s funnier is that he is complaining about Saltillo not getting any coverage. They are a 4a school that lost to New Site and Biggersville. If they can’t beat those little schools, they don’t deserve the press.

  2. I should add that Nettleton coach Dana Rhea did not give us the bad info, and he said he is not aware of anyone associated with Nettleton doing so. I know MSMS didn’t call it in, because we don’t cover them. So who knows. Lesson learned.

  3. roastbeef1

    I was wondering, are officiating crews reviewed after every high school football game? I just watched the South Panola game and those guys were horrible. I’ve never seen coaches have to help make correct rulings like they had to tonight. The game was slowed down so much because they didn’t know what they were doing. Plus a lot of holding calls tonight were horrible against both schools tonight. It was the state title. Let them play!

  4. tupelopixdotcom

    I will add my two cents since the subject was changed to the title game. How do you guys feel about what Tig did with that showboat stunt which ended up almost costing SP the game, then getting “player of the game” because of his stats. That really got under my skin. I’m glad he’s not headed to MSU because he’s talented, but def. not the type of player Croom is looking for.

  5. roastbeef1

    He deserved player of the game but i can see where you became upset with it. Especially considering they are trying to emphasize sportsmanship in every 10 year old commercial they put on. Those things crack me up with people like Wayne Gretzky still on the Rangers on there. Also, they had a Trent Green commercial from when he was with the Chiefs and then a Terrell Brandon one while he was with the Bucks. Those are hilarious.

  6. roastbeef1

    I also would have had no problem giving player of the game to Pope. The guy dominated the George County line the entire game.

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