Hoop Thoughts and Tourney Skeds

Ripley’s Bryson Rogan

I have more tournament schedules for this weekend. But first, some thoughts on Tuesday night’s action.

I was at Ripley-New Albany, and though both teams were rough around the edges, I thought they showed a lot of promise. Ripley’s Bryson Rogan, who played in the shadow of Doc Johnson and Quin Williamson last season, wasn’t lacking for confidence. Rogan missed his first four shots and had only two points at halftime, but he finished with 14 points on 5-of-11 shooting. He was also 4-for-4 from the line in the final two minutes, but New Albany won 54-49.

This isn’t too surprising. Rogan scored 16 points on 7-of-11 shooting to lead Ripley to a first-round win in the state tournament in February.

Tookie Bowling scored 28 for the Bulldogs. He’s 5-9, quick, relentless, has a great nickname – kinda like the aforementioned Johnson.

In other news, Alcorn Central’s girls improved to 9-0 with a 59-57 OT win over Tupelo. If I’m correct, only three other NeMiss girls teams remain unbeaten: Mooreville (11-0), H.W. Byers (11-0) and Biggersville (5-0).

Speaking of Byers, I’m working on a story on point guard Rachel Jones. It will run Friday. Now, for the schedules.

Kossuth Classic


4 p.m. – (G) Ripley vs. Nettleton

5:30 – (B) Ripley vs. Center Hill

7:00 – (G) Kossuth vs. Center Hill

8:30 – (B) Kossuth vs. Nettleton


4 p.m. – Girls consolation

5:30 – Boys consolation

7:00 – Girls championship

8:30 – Boys championship

North Pontotoc Invitational


4:30 p.m. – (G) Water Valley vs. Blue Mountain

5:30 – (B) Vardaman vs. Water Valley

7:00 – (G) North Pontotoc vs. Vardaman

8:30 – (B) Tremont vs. North Pontotoc


4 p.m. – (G) Tremont vs. Water Valley/Blue Mountain winner

5:30 – (B) Falkner vs. Vardaman/Water Valley winner

7:00 – (G) Falkner vs. North Pontotoc/Vardaman winner

8:30 – (B) Blue Mountain vs. Tremont/North Pontotoc winner


7 p.m. – Girls championship

8:30 – Boys championship

South Pontotoc Tournament


4 p.m. – (G) Itawamba AHS vs. Houlka

5:30 – (B) Itawamba AHS vs. Caledonia

7:00 – (G) South Pontotoc vs. Caledonia

8:30 – (B) DeSoto Central vs. Pontotoc


4 p.m. – (G) Pontotoc vs. IAHS-Houlka winner

5:30 – (B) Houlka vs. DeSoto Centra/Pontotoc winner

7:00 – (G) DeSoto Central vs. South Pontotoc/Caledonia winner

8:30 – (B) South Pontotoc vs. IAHS/Caledonia winner


1 p.m. – Girls consolation

2:30 – Boys consolation

4:00 – Girls consolation

5:30 – Boys consolation

7:00 – Girls championship

8:30 – Boys championship



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2 responses to “Hoop Thoughts and Tourney Skeds

  1. sportseditor

    Tookie really stepped up last night and played exceptionally well. Brandon White just couldn’t seem to get the ball in. He is normally one of their presence players, the problem is everyone knows it and stays with him. Freshman Kareem Brown is already showing some great potential for his coming years, he’s not too shabby on the football field either…there is a good chance he could get a starting nod in the offensive backfield to follow Jeremy Cannon.
    The Big test ( well really a second test) will be Friday night when they travel to Myrtle. Myrtle is the real deal. They have got a wealth of talent and they gave New Albany a sound beating about a week ago.

  2. jeffkcoach

    Thanks, Brad for posting these tournaments.

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