Moving On

Pontotoc’s Di’Amber Johnson

Not sure I like the new image header. Seems to be lacking that “oomph” factor. It’ll have to do until I can figure out how to make a montage or something.

Anyway, now that all our football teams are sittin’ at home, my full attention turns to basketball and the other winter sports. If you haven’t been keeping up, it’s been kind of wacky so far. Pontotoc’s girls, my preseason No. 1, lost twice early but is rolling of late. Put the smackdown on Tupelo over the weekend.

Starkville, my boys No. 1, is rolling along unbeaten. The Yellowjackets got a nice win over No. 5 West Point on Saturday.

December promises to be a great month. Some teams start region play, and there are a ton of great tournaments coming up: the Tupelo Kiwanis Classic (Dec. 8), the Okolona Hardwood Classic (Dec. 8), the Coach “C” Classic (Dec. 15 at Lafayette Co.), and of course all the holiday tournaments.

I’ve been to a handful of games already, but I’m looking forward to getting out every Tuesday and Friday – and some Saturdays – to see just how good some of these teams are. I’ve already seen Mooreville’s girls (11-0 by the way), South Pontotoc’s girls, Alcorn Central’s boys, Myrtle’s boys, Nettleton’s boys, Oxford’s boys and Tupelo’s boys, to name a few.

Got some interesting matchups this week, including: Tupelo-Alcorn Central (boys and girls both should be good) on Tuesday; Tishomingo Co.-Shannon boys on Friday; Alcorn Central-Holly Springs boys on Saturday at the Kiwanis Classic.

What area teams do you think have a shot at reaching the Grand Slam?



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4 responses to “Moving On

  1. tupelopixdotcom

    Is the Tish/Shannon Game @ Shannon?

  2. roastbeef1

    I think Starkville will make the grand slam. Other than them, I don’t really know. If Nettleton had Newsome, I would like their chances in 3a. Also, what is Holly Springs looking like this year? I think New Hope will definitely take 4a. Don’t really know about any teams this year besides 4a and 5a.

  3. Holly Springs will be decent. Gene Phelps saw them play Tupelo and said they are better than the final score indicated. Lot of kids back on that team. I’m sure they’ll be back over .500.

    As for the Tish/Shannon game, Coach Brim told me it was at Shannon, although Tish’s schedule says it’s at their place. Haven’t caught up with Chip Johnson yet to confirm.

  4. codyspencer

    1A- Mrytle boys for sure. Girls don’t know to much about 1A.
    2A- Not sure on boys. Girls I would say Belmont or H.W. Byers. They are both really fun to watch.
    3A- Mooreville or Alcorn Central girls. I haven’t seen too many 3A boys teams play yet.
    4A- Pontotoc, Oxford, or Itawamba(if they play ball could beat anybody)girls. Oxford or New Hope boys.
    5A- Starkville boys; Columbus girls

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