All-Area Time!

Itawamba’s Deshawn McGaughy (left) and Bret Jefcoat

The Daily Journal’s annual All-Area football team will (hopefully) be published Sunday, Dec. 23. Coaches can submit nominations via fax (842-2233) or e-mail (

As we’ve done the past two years, there will be both offensive and defensive players of the year. Also, I’ll again have an Iron Men category on the first team; I thought that worked out well last year, though I might tweak it a little to include guys who play offense and special teams but not defense.
So now, I’d like your thoughts on which players you think are worthy of consideration. There will be first, second and third teams. I don’t think I’ll be giving too much away by throwing some names out there of possible first-teamers.


Quarterback: Bret Jefcoat (IAHS) and Michael Ledbetter (Shannon) are both strong candidates here. Jefcoat can do more with his legs, but Ledbetter’s numbers were phenomenal. Of course, having a top-notch, speedy receiving corps didn’t hurt. Can’t forget Jami Boland (Nettleton). Had some good running QBs, too, like Cortney Scott (West Point) and JoJo Pearson (Hebron Christian).

Running back: Gee, Richard Freelon, maybe? The Bruce junior averaged about 210 yards per game. Like Jefcoat and Ledbetter, he is a Player of the Year candidate. Had a lot of good backs this year: Jeremy Cannon (New Albany), Ken Davis (Tupelo), Damien Hughes (Corinth), Deshawn McGaughy (IAHS), Reginald O’Briant (East Webster), Tyler Pritchard (Tishomingo Co.), Pat Shed (Starkville), the Ripley duo of Jaquise Cook and Michael Poole … need I go on?

Receivers: The first place you look is Shannon, with William Green and Arceto Clark. And then to Aberdeen, with Rickey Bell and Tevin Blanchard. Of course, there’s Chad Bumphis (Tupelo), but he could be one of those all-purpose selections.

Linemen: The hardest part of the team to pick, because everybody (including me) is too busy watching the ball. But here are some names: Quartney Cox (West Point), Brian Evans (Oxford), Ethan Flurry (IAHS), Clay Gholston (Baldwyn), Avis Shelton (West Point).


Linemen: I’m blanking here. Fred Griffin (Aberdeen), Ryan Moore (Tish. Co.), William Shumpert (IAHS) …

Linebackers: Keith Elliott and Adam Funk (Tupelo), Mark Hunt (Tish. Co.), Dante’ Jennings (Calhoun City), Ahmarus Swinney (Corinth) …

Secondary: Arceto Clark (Shannon), Dominique Davenport and Jaymel Tyes (Baldwyn) … I’m blanking here, too, but that’s where you come in! Thoughts?



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8 responses to “All-Area Time!

  1. tcfan

    Mark Hunt should get a linebacker all-area for TC. He’s not only a good player but a great guy also. Due to his size, he probably won’t play at the next level but he’s as good as anybody for his size.

  2. roastbeef1

    QB- 1. Bret Jefcoat, 2. Chris Garrett, 3. Michael Ledbetter (didn’t show up later on in the season)
    RB- 1. Deshawn McGaughy (over 1600 yards rushing this season in a much harder class than Freelon), 2. Cannon from New Albany. The guy can fly and had crazy stats for a below average team.
    WR- Chad Bumphis and William Green (both amazing talents)
    OL- Cox, Shelton (both are going to the MS/AL all star game i think. can’t really name any other reason).
    DL- William Shumpert and Dallas Carpenter (he seemed to be in the backfield more than Shumpert this season)
    LB- don’t know much about who belongs here
    DB- Clark, Asian Ruff

    Sure, I’m a homer on some of my picks, but these guys all have stats that will back up my claims. Unfortunately I don’t have them in front of me.

  3. tcfan

    Pritchard, if you look at the size of our line this year and see what he was still able to do, you would agree too. We’ve seen what this kid can do with a big line (last year avg 10.7 yards a touch).

  4. tupelopixdotcom

    Ryan “Rhino” Moore was the best D-liner I saw this year, and I shot lots of games. That kid was double teamed all year and still got tackle after tackle.

    Bumphis gets my nod for all purpose guy. He’s one of those game-changers with god given talent and moves that can’t be coached.

    Jeffcoat is the best QB. He’s cooler under pressure than Ledbetter, though both have excellent arms. Next year it will be Tupelo’s QB.

    It’s hard to believe that a kid of Mark hunt’s size made your list for linebacker, but I’ve never seen someone that small hit so hard, or be so fearless at the linbacker position. Pound for pound, he was the hardest hitting player I saw all year. Corith’s LB Swinney is bruiser as well.

  5. footballscouter324

    how can you forget about the receivers from nettleton. You have Jeremy Jones who led 2-3a in receiving touchdowns in just 10 games. Ladarrius is just another all around athlete like
    Chad bumphis if you ask me

  6. footballscouter324

    Lets also not forget about Willie Grady at linebacker for Okolona or he could just be an all around athlete too

  7. Receiver is definitely a lot deeper than it was last year. You’re right Grady, he would be a good fit as an all-around first-teamer. We shall see.

  8. footballscouter324

    QB- Michael Ledbetter, Jami Boland, Brett Jefcoat
    RB- Richard Freelon(without a doubt) Player of the Year. Deshawn McGaughy, and Ken Davis
    WR- Jeremy Jones, Ricky Bell, William Green,
    All-Purpose- Chad Bumphis, Ladarrius Cole, and Willie Grady.
    Iron Men- Arceto Clark, Ladarrius Cole, William Green

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