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The Daily Journal’s No. 1 girls team, Pontotoc, fell hard tonight against No. 6 Tupelo, 50-47. At home. To say the least, coach Bill Russell is beside himself. Seems every time the Lady Warriors play the Lady Wave, they seize up.

“The difference in the whole game is that we were intimidated that they were Tupelo and we were Pontotoc,” Russell said.

I just got back from covering South Pontotoc and Itawamba AHS in Fulton. The visitors pulled a sweep: 55-34 (girls) and 61-42 (boys). South’s girls, ranked No. 3, looked as strong as I suspected they were. Don’t let that earlier loss to Booneville fool you; they’re a veteran squad and quick learners.

“We’ve been playing together for four years now, every one of us,” senior Raelynne Putman said. “We know each other and what we’re going to do.”

Read more about these games in Wednesday’s Daily Journal.



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2 responses to “Quickie Hoops Blog

  1. montbo

    I think its strange that when BELMONT LADY CARDINALS defeated PONTOTOC fri night 16th of nov. that NOTHING was put in the paper about it…. NOT EVEN A SCORE? These girls deserve something for they’re hard work. I know they must have been very dissapointed .

  2. That score was called in late. You will find it in Sunday’s paper. It is the responsibility of the home team – in this case, Pontotoc – to call in scores. Congrats to Belmont. Got a fine team up there.

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