Ye Olde Football Coaches

I went to Reed’s Bookstore on Thursday for a book signing that involved several football coaches from around the state. The book is “Gridiron Gold,” which is filled with interviews of dozens of Mississippi coaching legends, including Jim Drewry, Tommy Morton and Bill Ward. I took some pictures that I’d hoped to run in the newspaper, but space didn’t allow. So here are the few that I thought were semi-decent. I couldn’t get that last picture to flip vertical. (Click on the name to view.)

Ennis Proctor, James “Booty” Sloan, Billy Brewer

Billy Brewer

Bill Ward

Terry Allen, Tommy Morton, and the book



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2 responses to “Ye Olde Football Coaches

  1. tupelopixdotcom

    ol’ Lockster’s got camera skillz too?

  2. Them skillz is minimal, but thanks. My secret ambition is to be a good photographer, but that’s an expensive hobby.

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