Quickie Playoff Blog

We’ve got 16 NeMiss teams left in the playoffs. Here’s who and where they play next Friday.

Class 5A (1st round)

Tupelo at Clinton

Starkville at Madison Central

Class 4A (2nd round)

IAHS at West Lauderdale

Shannon at Kosciusko

Oxford at West Point

Class 3A (2nd round)

Ripley at Lexington McClain

Byhalia at Aberdeen

Velma Jackson at Corinth

Class 2A (2nd round)

Baldwyn at Riverside

Bruce at South Delta

Class 1A (1st round)

Shelby Broad Street at East Webster

Calhoun City at Mound Bayou JFK

Vardaman at Benoit Brooks

Greenville St. Joseph at Okolona

MPSA Class AA (2nd round)

Kirk Aca. at Marshall Aca.



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7 responses to “Quickie Playoff Blog

  1. charleston11

    If Tupelo wants to stay on the field with Clinton, they need to put Bumphis behind center.

  2. roastbeef1

    You’re joking right? Bumphis isn’t as good as Garrett at quarterback. If he was, he would be getting the D-1 offers to play QB, not Garrett. Give me a break. The guy is good. Collins just needs to make some better gameplans. Maybe become a little more creative with his play calls in getting the ball to Davis and Bumphis in some open space.

    Tupelo’s line is decent, but not that great. Some quick passes to Bumphis on some slants would work great I think. And occasionally put him at QB to give the defense some different looks. Tupelo’s playcalling though is just way too basic.

  3. charleston11

    No, I’m not joking. Everytime Bumphis QB’s against a quality team good things happen for Tupelo. Take the Madison Central game. If Bumphis is not QB that game, Tupelo would have lost. At South Panola, Bumphis throws a TD pass!
    If Tupelo wants to win at Clinton, play Bumphis at QB. Bumphis is just as good as Garrett. Can Garrett scramble like Bumphis?

  4. tcfan

    I agree with both of you. Garrett probably has more overall talent at QB than Bumphis, but if Tupelo starts struggling against Clinton, I would put Bumphis in. He adds a new dimension to the Tupelo team, I saw some highlights of them when they played Madison Central and Bumphis has a better arm than I thought. IF Tupelo starts struggling, I would put him in, if Garrett works, keep him.

  5. roastbeef1

    Do you know for sure that Tupelo would have lost if Garrett was at QB? And the Bumphis TD pass against South Panola was on a trick play. If Bumphis was better at QB, Collins would play him there over Garrett. They just need to run more three step drops with Garrett and get the ball out of his hands quicker. If you don’t have a mobile quarterback, you need to make adjustments in the play calls. Not every team needs a Michael Vick.

    And tell me, versus Starkville, who was the one that put the ball on the money in the closing minutes to beat them? I think it was Garrett to Bumphis, not Bumphis throwing the pass.

  6. charleston11

    There is nothing for sure, but Bumphis did help Tupelo win that night in Madison. Trick play huh? then why don’t they call that play more often?
    Why does Bumphis play QB then? WHY? to give Tupelo a better chance to score. With Bumphis at QB, they have more than a better chance to score!

  7. roastbeef1

    They put Bumphis at QB occassionally to give teams different looks. Heck, McFadden throws touchdown passes for Arkansas, should he always play QB in front of Dick? No, because McFadden is way too valuable in the backfield. If you put someone like a Bumphis at QB, that takes away a huge deep ball threat from your team and puts the better passer on the sidelines.

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