Blog Bonus – Corinth at Winona

Corinth’s Damien Hughes

Tonight: Corinth (6-4) at Winona (9-1), 7 p.m.

Read more about the high school football playoffs in Friday’s Daily Journal.

Jimmy Mitchell knew Damien Hughes would be good at wingback. What Corinth’s head coach didn’t guess was how good Hughes would be at tailback.

Because of an early season injury to starter Hubert Crawford, who’d rushed for 460 yards in four games before a bad back sidelined him, Hughes was forced to move behind the quarterback. The fleet 6-foot, 185-pound senior has responded with 1,111 yards and 17 touchdowns, most of that over the last five games.

But he’s not just a runner. “His blocking has improved 200 percent,” Mitchell said. “I told him, ‘There are 100 backs in Mississippi that can run fast, and out of 100, there might be 10 that can block, too. If you are in that category, you’ve got a chance to go farther.’”

Corinth hopes to go farther than just the first round of the Class 3A playoffs. Winona offers a tough challenge, but the Warriors believe they can win. In fact, they are demanding victory of each other.

Following a 33-27 overtime loss to Ripley on Sept. 28, the team had a “come-to-Jesus meeting,” as Mitchell called it, in the dressing room. “The kids said, ‘Enough of this, we know we’re better than this.’”

Corinth has won five straight since the revival, and Hughes is a big reason. During the streak, he’s gained 922 yards and scored 15 TDs.

“I’d like to take credit for coaching it,” Mitchell said, “but it’s just kind of clicked. He sees the openings there and has figured out how to get his shoulders turned toward the hole.”

Hughes’ improvement has been paralleled by Corinth’s. Mitchell said he recently watched film of his team’s loss to Senatobia in Week 1 and then compared it to a more recent tape.

“It’s like we’re not the same team,” he said. “We’re running the same plays, we’re just more smooth and efficient. That’s because of experience.”



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2 responses to “Blog Bonus – Corinth at Winona

  1. jeffkcoach

    This will be a very good football game. Winona is vulnerable to the run, and does not play very good defense. However, Winona can score bunches of points quicly. Their QB #9 Harry Peeples Is a double threat. He is a very good runner, he is quick, fast, and powerful, and has the uncanny ability to make you miss. This will be a high scoring game, that should go down to the wire, like most of Winona’s games have.

  2. tcfan

    Not so much high scoring 24-21. Corinth is a tough 3A team that other teams should be on the lookout for. They’re playing good ball right now.

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