Basketball Time

*Whew* Still trying to catch my breath from the basketball preview, which you’ll find in today’s Daily Journal. I’d appreciate any comments you might have. I’m thinking I’ll not do another rankings until December, when football’s over and I’ve had a chance to see how far off my preseason rankings were.

I’ve talked with a lot of coaches, but I know many of you have a better handle on your favorite team than I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts and analysis.

Well, it’s back to court for me today, for the Jeremy Newsome hearing. Yippee. Then I’ll be in Batesville tonight for Starkville-South Panola, and I’ll cover the Tip Off to the Slam tournament Saturday. Perhaps I’ll sleep at some point. I’m rather excited about basketball starting, though.

To see the preseason rankings, go here:



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7 responses to “Basketball Time

  1. tcfan

    Pretty good 10 there, TC doesn’t need to be in there until they prove it. Just a couple questions though, Shannon at #2? I remember seeing them last year at the division tournament and I said without Ruth they’ll be nothing next year. They may have improved, but I couldn’t see them beating Pontotoc out for the division. Also, with that said, where’s Pontotoc? I thought they still had a great team with Kelsey Barnes and Elzie and all those guys coming back?

  2. tcfan

    Correction: Shannon at 3**

  3. I thought at first Shannon might be down, too. However, they’ve got some good players returning, plus Michael Ledbetter is coming back out, and the Rashad Williams kid transferred in. And lots of coaches said Shannon looked very good over the summer.

    I’m not as sold on Pontotoc for some reason. Lost a great point guard, and they’re going to have to lean on some sophomores. Wouldn’t surprise me, of course, if they worked their way into the rankings. You just never know …

  4. codyspencer

    Boys: Good picks… I wouldn’t have put Corinth in the top 10. The rest is good. Except I would’ve put Myrtle ahead of Aberdeen and West Point.

    Girls: Pontotoc should be #1! They are very good. They will have trouble winning the division because they have to go through Itawamba. Itawamba should’ve been higher; they have most of their players back, and they have all of there main scorers back from last year. They will be a good pick to make it to Jackson..

  5. tcfan

    West Point is the real deal, besides Pontotoc, they’re the only one that gave us a real threat in division last year, although we never lost a division game.

  6. tcfan

    As for Tishomingo County, they lost a WHOLE LOT, but I still look for a strong year. There’s going to be a lot of young guys, and if Chip can get those guys matured and experienced by the time division rolls around, they’ll be alright. Pritchard and Walker are the only returning starters but I anticipate Josh Ervin (#1 for football, transfer from belmont, sophomore), Mark Hunt (#6 football) and sophomore Alex Smith to take the other three spots. We should be around 8 deep. I didn’t expect you to put them in the top 10; however, I anticipate them to be able to break into at least the top 8 by the end of the year. Pritchard will probably average 25 this year. He’ll be a force.

  7. subjectlady01

    Here I am, busting my buttons getting my students – even the jerky ball players – ready for the state tests, and here I read that the teachers helped this Newsome kid cheat so HE CAN PLAY B-BALL?! Is there no integrity in this state when it comes to high school sports?

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