No.1 Goes Down!

Shannon, the Daily Journal’s No. 1 large school, was beaten by Itawamba AHS 29-28 tonight. Congrats to the resurgent Indians, who captured the Region 1-4A title. This season just gets wackier! Stay tuned for NeMiss Rewind in a little while.



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13 responses to “No.1 Goes Down!

  1. roastbeef1

    So you said Itawamba would definitely be in your top 5 if they won. Where are we going to see them? Does Shannon stay in the top 5? Can’t wait to see them!

  2. charleston11

    I hope he doesn’t put them in the poll!
    His opinion only. Has he ever decided to get coaches input about polls?

  3. Yes, I always speak with several coaches before putting together the preseason rankings. But you’re right, it ultimately comes down to my opinion. And my opinion is that IAHS belongs in the rankings. Get over it.

  4. charleston11

    The last week of the season IAHS belongs in your poll? Then your opinion has been wrong for 8 weeks. Get over that.

  5. Let me reiterate, I ranked IAHS No. 5 in the preseason. Week 1, the Indians lose to Amory, and naturally drop out of the rankings. With their weak schedule over the following weeks, and with the top five either winning or losing once or twice to really good teams, there was zero opportunity for IAHS to re-enter.

    That didn’t mean I thought them unworthy, but considering how little success they’d had in the past, plus their schedule, they had something to prove to me.

    And they’ve proved it. Well done. I have no problem being proved wrong; I’ve found that humility serves me well in this profession.

  6. kathyiahsfan

    Well, Brad, humility serves us all well. I feel very strongly that IAHS has proven to all that they should be ranked…. and worked very hard to get where they are…Division 1-4A Champs…Deserve to be #1 in the poll. I appreciate your comments on our game Friday night against Shannon… I have waited along with an entire community…this entire season for IAHS to get our “just” recognition… and for Bret Jefcoat to get his due!!! He leads the offense, passes, runs, tackles, kicks, and punts!!!!We have an overlooked, smart, and talented offensive line who blockdown, make the plays, open slots and protect him like a diamond….and a defensive line who can read any offense you give them and stop the run and the pass. We have several special offense and defense players who make things happen and effectively play more than one position and the very best coaching staff in the state. You are invited to come over to “Indian Country” and check for yourself on just how much talent we do have…. You haven’t given us the time of day this year…Reading Friday’s predictions and Saturday’s coverage has been a Big Letdown for our guys and our fans…I don’t buy into the muddy field excuse for Shannon’s off night… The better team can prevail no matter what you hand them. It’s all in the heart. We came to their swamp…with our armour and we left with our honor. Make no mistake…We are #1. Don’t make us have to go to the Clarion Ledger to hear our story….. We, too, live in Northeast MS and most of us prescribe to your paper..

  7. I had written this whole explanation of how IAHS has not been disrespected or ignored by the Daily Journal, and about how game coverage is determined week-to-week, but then I realized that fans – who have a hard time being objective about their teams – never listen to such things, no matter how logical. I appreciate your thoughts and respect your opinion, but please know that I have done my utmost to treat fairly all 45 teams we cover. I have no favorites, nor do I have anything against any teams.

    By the way, I covered the Tishomingo game and took in almost three quarters of Friday’s win. I was duly impressed both times.

  8. roastbeef1

    Brad, please don’t let these people get to you. I personally believe that these people give IAHS a bad wrap. As i posted in a blog comment earlier, I’m an IAHS alum. I have no issues with the way IAHS has been “disrepected” in the polls or in the paper this season. They didn’t belong up there. They lost to Amory. After that, the only team worth mentioning was Senatobia. They didn’t deserve to be ranked. They played no one. The teams that have been in the polls consistently this year have played a much much harder schedule than the Indians. I also understand why IAHS hasn’t been getting the cov5rage. As a non-biased reader, would someone want to read about IAHS vs. Center Hill or Tupelo vs. Starkville? Personally, I think IAHS deserves to be ranked in the top 2 or 3, but I wouldn’t care if they weren’t ranked. Rankings mean absolutely nothing. We don’t have a BCS in high school football. The playoffs are determined by the division seedings/pairings. Guys, lay off Brad. He’s just doing his job.

    And Kathy, a muddy field has a lot to do with a football game. Do I think we could/would have beaten Shannon in perfect conditions? Yes. But Shannon’s offense is built around speed and the passing game. The muddy conditions helped us greatly. I really hope that we play eachother in the playoffs. I think it would be a classic. But Brad was just giving all of the facts. He wouldn’t have done his job if he didn’t mention the conditions and what type of roll it played into the game.

  9. bowen78

    The Itawamba- Shannon game was without a doubt the best high school football game of the year. It was a very intense contest, as we all expected. Being an Itawamba supporter I was very proud of the outcome. As far as ranking are concerned, in my opinion, it doesnt matter. Just let us keep playing and let the results be seen. I think the turning point of the game was when the Shannon players started taunting our coaches and fans. All this did was give the Indians more guts and desire to win no matter what! Thanks to ALL the Indians , player and fans for stepping up to the plate and playing like champs.

  10. indianoptimist

    I would like to comment on the “comments” made by roastbeef1 re: the field conditions and what impact, if any, it had on the outcome of the game. First, both teams had to play on the same muddy field. Second, although Shannon has had success in the passing game, I don’t think it was the muddy field conditions that slowed Shannon down Friday night. Our coaches did an EXCELLENT job in planning and our defense FORCED their QB to STEP OUT OF HIS COMFORT ZONE. Our coach stated earlier in the week that Shannon may beat us, but it won’t be with the passing game. Although the paper reported that he had an off night, I personally think he was OUT OF SORTS because no team has been able to stop them until now. He was OUT OF SORTS all night long. I wil give Shannon props where they are deserved. They forced us to rely more on the pass (an area of play that we haven’t had to use a whole lot this year). They shut down the long run for us. The only thing is that we didn’t NOT use the passing game because we were weak in that area, we didn’t use it because we haven’t had to. Our QB is THE BEST in the state hands down. He is so versatile and will hurt you in so many areas. Our OL and DL are THE BEST!!! You normally don’t find a QB who is successful without the OL being successful. So…..sorry that is so winded but wanted to express my opinion.
    As to the paper and coverage of IAHS. I too, was somewhat disappointed by the coverage in Sat. paper. I know that Brad says he doesn’t have a favorite but its funny that TUPELO is ALWAYS on the front! Granted, the paper is located in Tupelo and granted, alot of people from Tupelo read the Daily Journal, and it is a must to keep the majority of your readers happy.
    To the polls……I will agree that IAHS plays a weak division schedule (we have nothing to do with who we play), I think we played Amory and Senatobia who are or (Were Supposed To Be) good teams. Shannon plays the same division schedule that we do. I personally think that #2 is a fair place in the polls. Should we have been there before now….probably so, just not a #2.
    Anyway….it was a great game, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  11. tcfan

    Brad, make an NFL POWER RANKINGS and put Itawamba in the top 5, you’ll get tons of praises:).

    I’m really proud of you guys BUT I’m sure sick of hearing you guys BEGGING FOR RESPECT, YOU’VE GOT IT! Just because you’ve played in the unarguably weakest division and probably are going to go undefeated, DOES NOT MEAN you were underrated. It just means that you played a weaker schedule than stronger schools in the area. Did you hear TC fans begging to be in the rankings when they were 5-0, NO, because we knew we had played a weak schedule and knew if we won the TOUGH GAMES we would get recognized. I’m sure if you guys would’ve played Shannon the second week and beat them you would’ve been write back in the polls. Quit whining to Brad, it’s not like you’re paying a house payment for the newspaper. If you don’t like it, don’t subscribe. I personally like the unbiased opinions of Brad and might not agree with EVERYTHING he says but wouldn’t get on here getting whiny with him.

    The TC/Itawamba game preview had ZERO about Tish County, it focused SOLELY on McGaughey and IAHS. Am I mad at Mr. Locke? NO.

    BTW, for the record, I’m proud for Itawamba and their fans, they have a GREAT TEAM, but someone pointed out that the players were disappointed with coverage, the players SHOULDN’T be reading the newspaper, they should be focusing on their opponent. A coaches first words to his team should be “Do not keep up with the media”, because all it will lead to is team jealousy and competition among the teammates. I’m proud for Bret Jefcoat, McGaughey, and the rest of the Indians, but REMEMBER, Cleveland isn’t that bad, they only lost barely to Clarksdale. I’d hate to demand a #1 spot and then get upset the first round.

  12. Thanks, TC. I’m rather curious about the complaint of coverage in Saturday’s paper. It was the centerpiece, two photos (one more inside) – doesn’t get any better than that. It was our main story.

  13. tcfan

    Doesn’t Itawamba have their own newspaper that is a sub-part of the Daily Journal? I’m sure that’s their MAIN PIECE newspaper, I mean Tish County has the Corinthian that covers them and they barely do that because they can’t focus on us when they have four Alcorn County teams to focus on. We have the Journal that is our BASIC coverage for everything. We’re also the only county in the state who doesn’t sale the Clarion Ledger. Our hometown newspaper is the Tish County Vidette and it doesnt even have a sports section. If there is anything about them, it’s posted on like page 6 with an article on that. I will give them credit though, when we are in the playoffs they give them a front page color. To my point, if Itawamba’s getting covered by their own newspaper, why are they complaining about the Journal? With Tupelo, Shannon, and other big names in the area, they should be privileged of the coverage they DO get.

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