Newsome Hearing Update

NEW ALBANY – The Jeremy Newsome hearing finally began at 11:47 a.m. here at the Union County Courthouse. We recessed for lunch at 12:30 and are about to start back.

So far, MHSAA lawyers have tried to invoke a “substantial evidence” rule, which basically means evidence found by parties other than the MHSAA should not be allowed in this hearing. The lawyer said any other evidence would be “prejudicial and irrelevant.” That motion was overruled by Judge John Hatcher.

MHSAA counsel also argued that its client is a voluntary administrative agency formed by its member schools and that therefore it has the autonomy (my word) to make, interpret and enforce its own rules. Hatcher said he was not persuaded that the MHSAA is the kind of administrative agency to which that rule would apply.

To recap, Newsome’s mother, Lyndia Traylor, has filed a lawsuit against the MHSAA and the Okolona Separate Municipal School District, claiming that Okolona High School did not provide Newsome with adequate educational opportunities; and that the MHSAA does not have ample evidence proving that Newsome did not make a “bona fide” move from Okolona to Nettleton, where he hopes to play basketball in this, his senior year. He’s currently enrolled at Nettleton.

Okolona, however, has been voluntarily dismissed from the suit.

Here comes da judge. More later.


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