Newsome Hearing Update – Take 5

Wow. Judge John Hatcher just realized that he has a connection to Grant Gardner, the Nettleton basketball coach, and the defense wants Hatcher to recuse himself from the case. As a lawyer, Hatcher represented both of Gardner’s parents in the past; but he did not realize until moments ago that Gardner was involved in this case, though plaintiff attorney Jim Waide said Gardner is not on his witness list, and that the connection should not be a factor.

The judge, who feels he can still be fair and impartial, has called a recess to consider the defense’s request. Good gosh. More in a few minutes.


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2 responses to “Newsome Hearing Update – Take 5

  1. adamgore

    Good lord this is getting a little too daytime soapish now!!!

    I hope the MSHAA loses so it will open the door for more people, coaches, and parents to stand up to their taking advantage of high school athletes for their own personal financial gain.

  2. tcfan

    lol, I totally agree. Let him play basketball but do NOT give his mother money over this. It isn’t like she could’ve went up to the school and figured all of this out on her own.

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