Newsome Hearing – To Be Continued

Well, done for the day, finally. Back here tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Waide called one other witness, a psychometrist who tested Newsome and found him to be on a second-grade level. She said he scored a 74 on an IQ test. The defense did not cross-examine. Read all about this in Wednesday’s Daily Journal.


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8 responses to “Newsome Hearing – To Be Continued

  1. tcfan

    How ridiculous? So in other words, a parent’s mom is accusing the powers-that-be that they took advantage of her son under her knowledge. Does she not get her son’s report card? This is getting out of hand. Let the kid play at Nettleton, but now academic standing probably stands in the way for him, such as the NCAA on Powe. I think that this case is getting way out of hand.

    Do I think he should be able to play at Nettleton? Yes, if he can keep up his grades, but now it seems things are getting really complicated where his academic records are in jeopardy.

    Should his mom be suing the Okolona School District for not giving him adequate education? No, do you think that she would give a rats if Newsome would’ve been ruled eligible in the first place? NO! She’s using this as bait to get the MHSAA to give in for his son to play basketball. She would’ve never brought this forward to anyone if he would’ve been ruled eligible. If I were the judge, I would rule in favor of Newsome to play basketball pending academic records and research on how they can get him on the court with the record that has been tainted, but I would also rule in favor of the Okolona School District, because there is no doubt that Newsome’s mother knew of the privileges he was getting at Okolona while he was there. Why she didn’t get this out in the first place is NOW obvious.

  2. coach9

    Whatever we may think of the MHSAA it’s not a multi-million dollar business. It’s also not an investigative body. Any parent can send there child to any school anywhere for an EDUCATION. (If they can afford it). Schools that want to be part of the MHSAA agree that student athletes will abide by certain rules. Schools certify their athletes as eligible and record this with the MHSAA. (Academic fraud to keep students eligible to play high school sports would be caught and punished by a lot higher authorities than the MHSAA ) The MHSAA as a governing body says that students will not transfer for athletic purposes, and sets forth guidelines for proper transfers. As members of the MHSAA, schools agree with these rules. Nettleton and Okolona are both members of the MHSAA, so wouldn’t both be defendants in this case? Looks like this lawsuit is going in a direction nobody wants to go. If Solomon was the judge the ruling would be that the student can go get his education anywhere he wants, but he can only play sports at one school that is a voluntary member of the MHSAA.

  3. mightygood

    I think that he still dosen’t deserve to play basketball because he is in high school and has a IQ of an second grader. But you can’t blame the child its the mothers faught because she ignored the fact that Okolona school didn’t give him the education that he needed.

  4. cptoz

    It is ridiculous to even think of Mr. Newsome is considered a senior and may attend college when he test on a second grade level! Is this ‘making’ the grade in the Okolona school district? And why aren’t the administration and teachers held accountable? And yes, the mother has even more blame!

    Lastly, what college wants to waste a scholarship on a huge academic risk? Trade school? If he is good enough, he can try out directly for the NBA and be yet another positive role model for the rest of our youth. In the words of John Stossel, “Give me a break!”

  5. nemsmom

    What is most irritating to me is that no one wants to face blame or responsibility. The ONLY job of the school is to educate children. And yet, instead of making certain this occurred, the school continued to promote this student and continued to let him play sports. That is wrong!

    Let’s not forget the mother. I guarantee you that if my child were making the poor grades that this kid was making, she would NOT be playing sports. That is time that should have been used educating and tutoring.

    Let’s get real. Trade school would be the best option for him. How many men actually make it to the NBA? Not many. Why not try to do something to better his future? Give him REALISTIC options.

  6. coach9

    You may (and probably do) have students that test on a second grade level at every high school in the state. If a student is identified as special ed and has an IEP high school’s can’t deny him the opportunity to play sports. I don’t think this case started out like this. The MHSAA simply said that the student did not fulfill their requirements for making a legal move and transfer of schools to play sports. His own parents and lawyers seem to be the only one questioning his academic eligiblity. Since he was identified in the second grade, I don’t think there is a question.

  7. adamgore

    Good post Coach9

  8. coach50

    The amazing thing to me is that these people are acting like the kid has been moved there for academics. The rumor was last year that Gardner had recruited him to Nettleton, but it fell through. Nettleton is the #2 recruiting school in the state behind piney woods. How many fball and bball players have transferred in there the last 2 years? I know one from Aberdeen was playing for the bball team last year and was not even eligible.

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