Ingomar Out of Softball Playoffs

Ingomar won’t get to defend its slow-pitch softball state title.

The Lady Falcons were dismissed from the Class 1A playoffs Monday because they played too many regular season games. The limit is 30, and it turns out they’ve played 32.

The violation can be traced to coach Andy Wilbanks’ confusion about the game limit rule. The Mississippi High School Activities Association allows for two preseason games, but Wilbanks scheduled four, thinking he only had to count two of them.

“It was my fault, my misunderstanding,” said Wilbanks, who’s in his second season. “I accept all responsibility and the consequences that come with it. It was a mistake, but it was an honest mistake.”

Ingomar’s removal puts Houlka in the playoffs and gives Smithville, which had finished second behind Ingomar in Region 4-1A, a home series when action starts Tuesday.

Read more about this story in Tuesday’s Daily Journal.



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71 responses to “Ingomar Out of Softball Playoffs

  1. howcouldthey

    As Ingomar softball players, we are completely devastated about the outcome of our season! How could they take this away from us? It wasn’t the girls fault so why take our last chance at a state title away from us? For us seniors, this is absolutely heartbreaking! How could they do this to us? It’s our LAST chance!! We didn’t intentionally play too many games. If we would have known we would have refused to play. When we are 50 years old the only thing we will remember from our high school career of softball is how someone took away our last opportunity to play the game we love. Why would anyone want to get handed the 1st place in the division instead of earning it like we did. We worked our butts off all season for this, actually we have worked for this since we were in the 7th grade. If I played for a coach who turned another team in to get them disqualified over an honest mistake, I would refuse to play for him because apparently he has no confidence in his team’s ability.

  2. My sincerest sympathies. I feel bad for Wilbanks, but especially for the girls. High school only happens once, and playing for a state championship is a rare occurrence for most. Rules are rules, and you’ve got to keep the playing field as level as possible, but this whole thing still makes me sick.

  3. tcfan

    Rules are rules, but sometimes I think they go a little far. It was the coach’s fault, so why not just suspend him for the rest of the playoffs? Doesn’t that make sense? Wilbanks should’ve been careful with that 30 game mark and kept track. The whole thing makes me sick also.

  4. nhs1

    There’s nothing that feels right about this whole thing. It just doesn’t seem right for a team to have such a GREAT season and win their division and not go to the playoffs. I know how hard you’ve worked. It’s not easy getting to where you guys are. May your wounds heal soon. Nettleton High School softball players, coaches and supporters feel your pain!!

  5. coach9

    Andy is taking way to much credit/blame for this. And the MHSAA is way to eager to help him take the blame. This isn’t a case of playing too many games in a tournament or a coach sneaking in a late season game. These games were on a printed schedule that was signed off on by his principal, a district secretary (representing the MHSAA), an assigning secretary (for game officials). I believe softball schedules are still sent to Jackson and signed off on by someone down there ( I could be wrong, they may be handled by only a district sec. and assigning official, after all softball ain’t a money sport). The point is, before the season someone representing the MHSAA signed off on that schedule. Whoever signed off on it didn’t count the games then or didn’t read the schedule. Luckily for the MHSAA, another coach was able to catch this mistake when they got Ingomar’s schedule. In a perfect world, this other coach would have reported this to the MHSAA (as the MHSAA encourages) and then this other coach would have called Andy and fullifilled all of his obligations in an unspoken Code of Ethics. Instead this other coach, sat on the information, and let Ingomar play too many games. Then on Friday, with the season over, he began to call around to find somebody to turn in the infraction. When other coaches declined to do his dirty work, he resorted to the dirty little world of anonymous phone calls. The MHSAA should be praising the coaches, players, fans, and administration of Ingomar for their handling of this matter. Then they should look inside to see if there were some ways it could have been handled better. Ingomar learned two lessons from this about dealing with the MHSAA. 1. Honesty may not be the best policy when dealing with the MHSAA. and 2. Everything the MHSAA does is best for the athletes involved????

  6. ihsfan

    I believe the MHSAA needs to look into this rule and come up with a better way of punishing offenders. Maybe like first time offenders get 5 games taken away from their season next year or something to that effect just not kicked out the playoffs for your first time offense. I feel bad for all of my friends on the team expecially the seniors.

  7. ihs06

    Well this is just horrible what the MHSAA has done to these girls. They have worked so hard for this. It is not fair to kick them out because of these two games. I maybe wrong on this, but Coach Wilbanks was told by someone from MHSAA that those two pre-season games wouldnt count in total games played. Then when Coach called them back wondering why they were kicked out, another person from the same office told him that the other person was not correct. So this was in no way Coach Wilbanks fault. It was MHSAA all the way. So to Coach Wilbanks- keep on doing what you are doing and that is being a great coach. No one at Ingomar blames you for this. Everyone knows who deserves the blame. And to the girls- Keep your heads up because everyone knows that yall would have taken another title if not for all this. Also girls whoever is responsible for yall getting put out of the playoffs, they will get what they deserve. Because God don’t like UGLY!

  8. tcfan

    The MHSAA should definitely revise this rule and offend differently, but you can’t blame them. The MHSAA has never bent the rules for anyone, and as much as I feel for the Ingomar squad, even though their players didn’t know it, they broke the rules and should’ve double checked EVERYTHING. It’s like blaming a police officer for pulling your over for speeding, did you speed? YES, was it HIS right to catch you? yes, can you blame him? no, I feel for the Ingomar players, but I don’t care what anyone says Wilbanks deserves a lot of the blame for this. It’s his responsiblity to be on top of the rules and know what he can and can not do. Don’t take anyone of the blame for him, because he’s already admitted all blame is due to him. I have sympathy for him but that doesn’t take away the blame.

  9. And let’s not forget the point of the rule: Preventing teams from getting extra preparation and field time. That provides an unfair advantage – you can debate how much of one, I suppose, but even the smallest edge can pay off big in the playoffs.

    Doesn’t make me feel any better about it, though.

  10. ihs06

    Wilbanks did double check on those games he played and MHSAA told him they didnt count!! Anyone would have done the same thing in his position…..He calls to check and they tell him its ok to play those games so he plays them and ends up the information was wrong….So AGAIN it is no ones fault but the MHSAA because they gave wrong information. DO NOT BLAME THE COACH! Yes he did take all blame but I believe I would say the same thing to if that was me. I would’nt want the whole Ingomar community to be mad at me. So tcfan I dont know who you are but I have to disagree with you because Wilbanks did double check and he got let down by MHSAA.

  11. fan10

    The truth is : Ingomar messed up.
    No crime goes unpunished.

  12. ihs06

    The Truth is: Ingomar didnt mess up, MHSAA messed up by issuing wrong information.

    No crime committed.

  13. sports21

    I would like to know why that either last year or 2 years ago when Smithville was caught using an illegal bat that had been altered to look like a freak all that happened to them was a fine and they still were eligible for the playoffs. To me that is a whole lot worse than making an honest mistake with your schedule. I would like to know why the MHSAA thinks it is ok to cheat using illegal equipment and just get fined but kick Ingomar out of the playoffs for playing 2 games over the limit? That is just not right!!!

  14. tcfan

    IF the MHSAA would’ve issued wrong information, I don’t think you would’ve heard Wilbanks’s quote in the journal say “This is my fault, I messed up” if the MHSAA would’ve been the one that originally messed up. I know for one if I was a coach I would file a suit towards the MHSAA before getting in the newspapers claiming it was my fault.

  15. ihs06

    The coach didnt say anything because he is the kind of person that will keep peace no matter what the situation. He knew it was better to just let it go rather than fight them because he wouldnt win anyway. I know for a fact they issued wrong information to this coach becauseIf they would have told him these games they played in the preseason tourney was going to count then the team wouldnt be in this position in the first place because they would have known those two would have put them over two extra games. And Ingomar dont play that way.

  16. ihs89grad

    Coach Wilbanks is a good and decent man. He is the kind of guy who would step up and take the blame even if he didn’t truly feel it was completely his fault. I believe he would have taken any personal punishment in order to give the girls the opportunity (a last one for seniors) to have a title that most people will never even dream of.

    I agree with the previous post about the MHSAA signing off on the games. I think the biggest point is being missed here. Myrtle lost a student around the time of the preseason games. They made the decision (a good one, in my opinion) not to play. Ingomar stepped in and played these games in Myrtle’s place. These are the 2 games that put Ingomar over the limit. Obviously, Gordon decided early on to watch Ingomar and count their games. Sadly, Gordon and Wilbanks are supposed to be friends. Did Gordon call Wilbanks and say, “Hey, buddy, you might want to cancel a couple of your last games. You’re getting close to the limit”? No. He let him play the games, and as soon as the season was over and the playoffs began, he underhandedly called around and faxed information FROM SCHOOL PROPERTY to have his “friend’s” team disqualified. I guess if you can’t beat someone on the field, the thing to do is get them out of the way any way possible.

    It’s sad for the kids and it’s sad for the coach. I understand a punishment being given, but I think probation, or next year’s schedule altered, or even Coach Wilbanks being sidelined for the post season would have been more appropriate than taking a once-in-a-lifetime chance away from high school girls WHO EARNED A SPOT THE HARD WAY.

  17. Reliable sources have told me that Coach Gordon had nothing to do with this. It would shock me if he did.

  18. ladyhawkmom

    I’ve read all of these posts from Ingomar fans and players and some others I’m not sure of and I can’t help but be disappointed with some of you. It upsets me terribly that the Lady Falcons are not going to be playing in the playoffs. They have earned their right to be there and they should not be penalized for a mistake made that they were not aware of and had no control over. These girls have worked all season to get where they are and it is just wrong to punish them by removing them from the playoffs. As for the comments about another coach “tattling” on Ingomar, I don’t think you have all of your facts and you shouldn’t be so petty as to try and lay blame where blame is not due. I understand that the rule on the number of games allowed is as clear as mud, I’ve read it, but grow up and quit dwelling. These Ingomar girls will have more drive and determination when fast-pitch comes around and they will be a force to be reckoned with. Lady Falcons, I wish you all the best and I hate that things have turned out like they have but you will come back and be strong again. Good luck.

  19. ihs89grad

    You should check your reliable sources…and maybe some others. This is why there was a temporary suspension. I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that. I think you aren’t the only one shocked by this behavior. I’m positive Coach Wilbanks was shocked as well.

  20. coach9

    That’s the trouble with this whole thing Brad, there are no reliable sources. I’m not reliable and I don’t know, but I have no trouble believing Andy got two or three different answers from the MHSAA. When it comes to getting a rule interpretation, it depends on what day you call and who you talk to. I do know, and I am reliable in that two softball coaches called other coaches on Friday to try to get them to report Ingomar’s schedule (which the MHSAA already had access to). I know at least one coach who refused and instead called Ingomar and told them what was going on. Back to the parts I don’t really know, I don’t know if anybody is on record with the MHSAA as “turning in” in Ingomar. If the coaches who were calling around Friday couldn’t find anybody else to do it, they probably just made an anonymous phone call or fax to Jackson. Anonymous is always deniable, even by very reliable sources.

  21. areacoach

    first of all ingomar did not take myrtle’s place in preseason tournament. East Webster did. All teams were to play four games in tournament from the get go. The number of games was never changed. Secondly the MSHSAA NEVER would tell anybody these games don’t count. That’s just make believe.
    Whats done is done. Move on. MSHSAA relies on schools to police themselves. it is the backbone of the Assoiation. The fault lies solely with the team that played to many games. I realize it was an honest mistake. Take issue and ask if punishment fits crime all day. I agree that it doesn’t. Thats a fight worth fighting. The rest of the finger pointing is for the birds and just shows lack of maturity on everyones part. It is a bad deal. Everybody feels for the players involved and the coach. This is a great life lesson that when the law is broken you are subject to punishment for it. Intent to do so does not matter.
    Move on. Put this issue to rest for all involved.

  22. Temporary suspension of who, Gordon? I’d like to think he is innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa. Even if he did do it, why would he be suspended for it? While you might not like Ingomar getting tattled on, I don’t see how that warrants punishment of the whistle-blower.

  23. ihs06

    YES he did get a two day suspension Brad…….YES he was the one who made the phone calls and sent the schedule to Smithville (who then turned Ingomar in) And Gordon was going to get fired for doing this at the meeting the superintendant called. Though it ended up he wasn’t fired. So yes Brad he was guilty and he deserved to be punished but he was just suspended for two days and thats all the punishment he recieved?? Not fair but oh well alot of things these days are NOT fair, obviously.

  24. ihs06

    I have made a new website: If anyone is interested come check it out and leave some comments on there.

  25. official1

    Why is it that all the people from Ingomar are on a witch hunt. Your coach is the one who screwed up. The MHSAA did not tell him he could play 32 games. It is clear on the sports calendar on the MHSAA’s website, 28 games plus 2 classic games. Take some responsibility and go on about your business. You messed up and it is over with. Stop trying to blame every one else. The team that turned you in did what they were supposed to do. One team breaks the rules and another team turns them in. That is how it works.

  26. Ah, so someone has physical evidence of Gordon’s guilt? Was not aware of anything beyond hearsay. And again, if he did do it, why should he be punished? What rules did he violate? Not saying it was laudable, but what was the punishable offense? What am I missing here?

    Also, where can I find the game-limit rule? Oddly, the MHSAA handbook doesn’t address it, though it does say only two classic games may be played.

  27. Thank you, official1. The calendar. Duh.

  28. shs8

    ok, before anyone else slams Smithville. Smithville had absolutely nothing to do with this. I have personally talked to the coach. He said that when he heard about it he went and talked to his principal about it and they both decided to stay out of it. Smithville is not guilty in this case. Sorry, I guess you all will have to blame this one on someone else.

  29. shs8

    ok, before anybody slams Smithville again. Smithville had nothing to do with this. Sorry, blame it on someone else.

  30. coach9

    You need to start a website on this and charge a nickel per post!! Actually the calendar says 28 games. 28 Regular Season games. The asterik below the calendar explains that all sports except football are allowed 2 Classic games. It goes on to say that the classic games are counted on the regular season record but will not be used in a tiebreaker. 28 Regular season games. Classic games are part of the regular season. You will not find 28 + 2 printed anywhere. Now, every coach knows that you can schedule and play 30 games. Why does everybody know that calendar means 28 + 2 when it isn’t printed like that anywhere? Because so many coaches have called MHSAA and asked. (It has been written like that for as long as the 28-30 rule has been in effect). I can bet if you called the MHSAA today and asked how many games can you play in softball and baseball you would get the answer “28 regular season plus 2 classic for a total of 30”. I also would bet if you called anytime in the last 2 years you would have got a numer somewhere between 28 and 33. Depending on what day you called and who you talked to.

  31. official1

    Yes the website says 28 games. Then at the bottom it says all sports except football are allowed 2 classic games. Which would be 28 regular season games plus 2 classic games. Not 30 regular season games plust 2 classic games. It’s really not that hard to understand.

  32. ihs06

    Ingomar is not on a “witch hunt”. The coach did no wrong. Why would he intentionally play too many games. Do you think he wanted this to happen? No thats why he made sure it was ok to play those games by calling MHSAA. And yes they did tell him it was ok. That is not how it “works”. If you know the team is about to go over there limit just say “hey man your about to mess up”. Making the phone calls and doing all that other is just plain out cheating. I guess they think well dern we cant beat them on the field so we will get them good by cheating a little bit. Its just so wrong and punishment is well deserved!

  33. coach9

    It may not be hard to understand as it’s written (again, you won’t find it written anywhere that you can play 30 games- the rules say 28 regular season games- 2 classic games- classic games ARE regular season games) but I’ve always read it as 28. I know (because I’ve asked) that the MHSAA interprets that as 28 + 2 classic games for a total of 30. I don’t know, but I would find it very easy to believe that the Ingomar coach called the MHSAA and asked exactly what it meant and could have been given a number between 28 and 33. If you don’t believe it’s possible, call the MHSAA sometime and just ask them to explain an eligibility rule or say, the infield fly rule. Then call back and ask to speak to a different official and ask them to explain the same rule. Try the infield fly rule, it’s hilarious.

  34. official1

    So you are saying the team that turned Ingomar in is the one that cheated? I believe most everyone with any sense about how game of high school softball is played would disagree with you. “The coach did no wrong” seems to be the opinion of everyone at Ingomar and that is the problem.

  35. 1hasbeen

    ok look….wilbanks did do wrong or ingomar would’t even be in this position in the first place they would be playing in the playoffs. he did wrong by playing 2 games more than any other team in the state got to play. you may come back with how is 2 extra games going to help a team in the playoffs. the playoffs are crunch time I’ve been there every little practice or in this case, game, any extra practice, playing time, ect… is going to give an advantage. and from what I hear (this is just hear say) somebody went up to wilbanks during the season and told him he had too many games scheduled and he told them that it didn’t matter it wasn’t going to amount to anything…hmmm makes me wonder. and all gordon is guilty of is sending a fax. he deserved no punishment and he got none.

  36. ihs06

    Let me restate myself……He might not have “cheated” but that coach was real good friends with Ingomar’s coach and friends arent supposed to do that to others. That is why its such a big deal around in this area. You dont go behind your friends back like that. Its like I said: well if i cant beat them on the field i am going to beat him by doing some dirty work. And I dont belive the coach did any wrong because he didnt intentionally cause this. Anyone with sense would could see that too. Thank you coach9 on that post because that is exactly what happend with wilbanks. He called and got one answer called back agian and got another. It is just crazy!

  37. coach9

    As far as I know, no one turned Ingomar in. I’ll say again I don’t know, and I’m not reliable but as far as I know Ingomar was told by the MHSAA to check their schedule because an anonymous source had asked the MHSAA to check it. The MHSAA indicated to Ingomar that they don’t act on anonymous tips. Ingomar then pointed out the games on their schedule and basically said yes we played the games on our schedule. (The schedule that had been there for everybody to see since August). I do know and I am reliable in the fact that at least two coaches who had access to that same schedule all year (coaches routinely mail their schedule to everyone in their district, it’s not a big secret) began calling people Friday morning trying to find someone to report it to the MHSAA. At least one of the coaches who was called declined and told the other coach they didn’t have Ingomar’s schedule anymore, the schedule was then faxed to them in case they changed their mind. Ingomar broke the rule, no doubt. Personally, I don’t think it was cheating or unsportmanlike. The coaches who could count to 32 and bring it to the attention of the MHSAA(who either can’t count or didn’t bother too) they broke no rule either. There was no cheating. In fact, the coaches and schools who figured out how to count to 32 on Friday should have been proud to call the MHSAA, tell them exactly who they were and taken credit for it.

  38. ihs06

    Well as far as I know you dont know what your talking about. Someone did turn Ingomar in. And that someone was smithville. Who was told by myrtle. Who was supposed to be wilbanks good friend. It is all so stupid.

  39. ladyhawkmom

    Oh My Gosh!!! Get over this. It’s a done deal. Whether Robert did the reporting or Smithville did it, it doesn’t matter. The fact is too many games were played and there is nothing that can be done about it now. Can we all act like grown ups and forgive and forget or is everyone going to carry a grudge for centuries to come? This was a mistake that cost the Lady Falcons their chance at the State title and I think that it’s awful for them but let’s all stop pointing fingers and look at how this is making us behave (like children).

  40. ihs06

    I wish some people would start acting like grown ups!!! Yeah there will always be a bad taste in our mouths when it comes to myrtle and smithville and all the others involved in this…..Just think about it what if the tables were turned and it was myrtle that got kicked out and what if ingomar had done what yall did? Hmm yeah you would be just like us!

  41. shs8

    ok, I’m tired of reading all of this stuff about Smithville turning Ingomar in. This is not true. I talked with Smithvilles coach personally and he said that other coaches called him talking to him about it. He then went to his principal to tell him about what was going on and his principal said that they didn’t need to get involved. Sorry, I guess you need to blame someone else for this one.

  42. coach9

    There’s three sides to this. You decide who was the “most wrong”.
    Facts first-One coach scheduled 32 games, thinking that there was such a thing as preseason games. These games were printed on a schedule that the MHSAA or it’s representative has had since August. The team played it’s 31 and 32 games the first week of October. The day after the “illegal” games were played, the coach was asked by the MHSAA to check and see how many games he played. The coach’s team was removed from the play-offs, the coach was not suspended, the coach was not fined. The coach accepted all responsibility.Now, some of the things we’ve heard- The coach called MHSAA earlier to clarify the rule and was given bad info(believable) The MHSAA had gotten an anonymous tip(believable) The MHSAA had suddenly learned to count to 32 or had decided to actually look at the schedule they had(unlikely) The MHSAA investigative team had discovered this (laughable-right and next they will actually be able to figure out in what town a 6’7″young man lives).
    The MHSAA facts- Removed Ingomar from the play-offs for playing too many games. The MHSAA will not act on anonymous tips.The MHSAA or it’s rep. had Ingomar’s schedule all year long. The MHSAA praised Ingomar coaches and administration for co-operation. What we can speculate on-An official from MHSAA counted the games and “turned in” Ingomar (very, very highly unlikely) An official from MHSAA rubber stamped the schedule and never looked at it (very likely) Officials from the MHSAA can’t count to 32 (possible). An official from the MHSAA told Coach Wilbanks there is such a thing as “preseason games”, Classic games don’t count, or that you can play somewhere between 26 and 33 games(very, very possible). The MHSAA realized the whole deal was snafu and only imposed one of the three sanctions.(Probable)
    The Third Party facts-Began calling other schools Friday morning trying to find someone to turn Ingomar in. Bragged to at least one coach that they had “watched the schedule all year”. Mailed out packages with schedules and newspaper articles that they had kept up with all year. They did NOT go to their principal and call the MHSAA and go on record reporting the violation. Things we can speculate on (really the things that make this whole thing so slimy). IF the coach(es) that “turned in” Ingomar had discovered this on Friday and then called the MHSAA and reported it they didn’t even break the spirit of the rule-they were completely right and would have had nothing to hide. There was no reason to call and ask anyone else to turn them in, there was no reason to mail out anonymous packets of newspaper clippings ( and driving to another town to get a postmark,that’s like something a kidnapper would do), there was no reason to call it in anonymously to the MHSAA, there would have been no cloak and dagger stuff, and no school boards would have had to have emergency meetings. There is nothing wrong with reporting a rule violation, nothing. Those people making anonymous phone calls and mailing out newspaper clippings sure act like they’ve done something they are ashamed of though.

  43. sportsfan12

    The playoffs are looking better after today. 1 team down and one more to go! Good luck lady eagles against smithville!! Hope yall sweep them like smithville did to myrtle.

  44. ihs06

    Amen to that!! Yeah thats right good luck Lady Eagles whoop those seminoles good!! Make it hurt.

  45. areacoach

    44 total posts ihs o6 11. Coach9 has six. Sounds like some people have nothing to do.
    This is a dead issue. No matter how much ihso6 whines it aint getting Ingomar back in playoffs. Only blame here goes to Ingomar. Also ihso6 your arguments would be given credence if you didn’t make comments that anyone with half sense knows is not the case. Find another issue to be this emotional about like feeding the homeless, finding a way to reach every soul for our wonderful savior, GOD. Its just a game. Learn a valuable lesson when you screw up you have to pay the price. This is the only issue, Ingomar played to many games and got punished according to what has been done in the past. They were treated fairly. Don’t give me smithville did this and myrtle or east webster did this because that is imature and bogus

  46. ihs06

    Haha thats pretty funny. You think my arguments are not the truth. Haha well you must not know too much about this whole thing. Well its ok I forgive you for commenting on something you dont know about. Im done being mad and angry im just ready for revenge now. And how sweet it was to hear that myrtle went down first. Now smithville gets their chance to go down. They may not go down in this upcoming series but they wont win the championship cause east webster will wear that tail out!!! So go on about your own business areacoach and stay out of stuff you obviously dont know about!

  47. ladyhawkmom

    ihs06, I feel sorry for you. To think that you have so much hate in your heart that all you can think of is revenge, it hurts my feelings. I’m assuming that you are relatively young (18-21) by your tone and the things that keep, keep, keep saying over and over. Personally, I think you need to move on, like areacoach said, and find something worth while to be so passionate about. You have dragged this through the mud and buried it so deep under all the muck that no one even wants to talk about it anymore. I hope you can eventually see this for what it is, a mistake made and a lesson learned, and not hold on to this “revenge” that you have in mind. Our schools are too close in proximity and our girls are too good of friends for this to last very long. We need to more forward, not backward. Good luck to all Union Co schools.

  48. ihs06

    Yes I am 19. I am defending this so much because I have gone to school with these girls for years now. I cant stand to see this opportunity taken away from them. It is just not right. I dont care how many people say we need to move on we just cant pass this off as well it will be ok dont worry about it. NO we cant do that it means too much to us at ingomar to do that. These senior girls wanted to be in that tournament so bad it is unreal. And to kick them out for those two stupid games is just wrong. I mean can we not get fined or maybe suspended for a couple of games for the next year. I mean come on. I guess I could have been a little bit more nice, but you know it just makes me so mad. The revenge I was talking about has already happend ladyhawkmom. That was myrtle getting put out of the tournament. The second part would be smithville getting put out. Thats what I would like to see happen.

  49. sportsfan40

    It’s over and done with..Ingomar messed up, now they are paying for it. And if Myrtle’s coach is the one who turned them in he got what he deserved Sat.

  50. baseballguy

    I love how everybody blames Smithville.
    The FACT of the matter is that Smithville had nothing to do with it. And that is a FACT.
    Smithville actually was put in a better spot in the playoff bracket by finishing behind Ingomar and going in as second place in the division. I ALSO KNOW that Myrtle and East Webster were the two schools that were behind everything and that is not hear say, THAT IS A FACT.
    So stop blaming Smithville for what happened. THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!

  51. sportsfan12

    all east webster did was call and ask myrtle if they would turn them in. East webster didnt do anything else. It was myrlte who faxed the schedule to smithville….yes thats right smithville. and then they turned it in to jackson. Besides it dont matter if smithville did anything or not they are still cocky and think they are better than everybody else…..and that kind of attitude would do something like get somebody else in trouble for no reason.

  52. baseballguy

    I happen to know that East Webster sent a packet full of info to Smithville trying to get them to get on board and Smithville’s coach was told by the principal to stay out of it or his job would be at stake. I know this because I saw it. You can believe what you want but being very close to the school I know for a fact that Smithville has not turned anything in to Jackson

  53. sportsfan12

    Well im very close to Ingomar too so i mean we both have FACTS that cancel each other out. So which is the truth? I already know what you are going to say but im just saying we are both close to the schools and both have information that goes against each other…..???

  54. baseballguy

    How would Ingomar have info saying that Smithville turned them in?
    Did Smithville send them a copy of the letter they sent or a recording of the phone call?
    All you have is hear say or what somebody or yourself thinks.

  55. sportsfan40

    To need to get beyond all this hatred and revenge that you have…It will make a bitter person out of you…
    Let me ask you a question..Turn the finger around how would feel if Myrtle, East Webster, or Smitville was in first place and they had done this very same thing I can gurantee you’d be saying they need to be there.
    There are consequences to everything you do..undoubtfully you haven’t learned that lesson yet. It doesn’t matter who turned who in..Every who it was did the right thing..Ingomar broke a rule. Instead of blaming everyone else you need to be looking at the one who did all the scheduling which is the “coach”.

  56. ihs06

    Yes lets turn the tables for a minute….Lets do say myrtle was number one and lets say they got screwed by the mhsaa and lets say ingomar turned them in. Now how would myrtle feel? They would be saying the same thing as I am. It would just kill them the same way it does ingomar. And I am sick and tired of hearing it was the coach it was the coach…..NO!!!! Sorry think again!! Get the facts straight before you speak on it. And people need to quit telling me to settle down cause like I said you all would feel the same way if it happend to you!!!!

  57. 1hasbeen

    ihs06 lay off the drugs

  58. West Union just beat Smithville in 3 games.

  59. ihs06

    Yeah I just heard the great news a minute ago! I am glad both schools got what they deserved…..I didnt think West Union could beat smithville but they did…..and thats because God dont like UGLY!! That will teach myrtle and smithville…well i doubt it. Good Job Eagles!!!!!

  60. oldjoeblow

    Listen, has anybody consider who would have the most to gain with Ingomar out of the playoffs….hmmm let’s think about it for a minute. Probably not Smithville, because it puts them in the same bracket with Myrtle. Same reason for Myrtle not being the whistleblower, puts them in the same bracket with Smithville. I mean that really makes sense for Myrtle and Smithville to say, “let’s get Ingomar out so we can play each other in the second round”, I don’t think so!!! So, again back to my question, who has the most to gain from Ingomar being out of the playoffs? Well, they will be playing for the state championship on Saturday… yep that’s right West Union had the most to gain by Ingomar not playing. Let’s look deeper into the conspiracy. Coach from West Union (we will keep his name anonymous, he likes it that way) was an Ingomar grad, had an axe to grind with his old school for recent treatment, also had copies of the pre-season tourney schedule that was at the center of the controversy, that just happened to find it’s way to Smithville along with other newspaper clippings, etc. So all of you Ingomar folks might need to start blaming one of your own, before you point the finger at Myrtle and Smithville.

  61. sportsfan40

    And your talking about God don’t like ugly look at how your being. Hypocrite……

    And who schedules your games?? I’m sure it’s not the players. A rules and rule and he broke it. The thing is that if had been Myrtle, East Webster or Smithville even, Ingomar would have turned them in and you know it!!!!

  62. ihs06

    Im not a hypocrite im just really happy right now. Im not even going to address blowoldjoe or whatever his name was about west union. It is awesome how those three schools went down in a row. Myrtle, Smithville, East Webster. Yall thought yall was gonna do that to ingomar and then kick some tail in the playoffs and get to jackson……HAHA!!!! NOPE not this year!!!! Why dont yall try to screw somebody next year and try again maybe next time it will work better for ya!! Good Job Lady Eagles for beating smithville!

  63. areacoach

    im praying for ihs06. you may need professional help. Anyway may god bless you and tame your fingers and tongue. again take up a worthy cause you will get more enjoyment from it.
    Best of luck to coach kirk and his lady eagles.

  64. sports21

    I can tell all of you that it is a fact that the coach from Myrtle turned Ingomar in. He admitted that to the school board & supertendent in the emergency hearing they had last week. That was told straight from someone who was inside the room at the hearing. The coach from Ingomar made a mistake (honest or Not) he made the mistake and he should have been the one to pay for it not those girls. I know that is the rule if you play to many games you are banned from postseason but I think that rule should be changed. Was the coach wrong for turning in Ingomar?? Legally No, Morally probably so. But that is something that he will have to live with.

  65. ihs06

    areacoach you are hilarious…..sports21 you are correct……Lady Eagles you are the best……besides Ingomar……Im done on here for now cause im a satisfied with everything. Whats done is done and everyone got put in their places. So there. Goodbye until another stupid thing comes up like this.

  66. oldjoeblow

    Sports21 you are completely wrong. Coach Gordon only admitted to faxing a schedule to Smithville. As a matter of fact I have been told that the MHSAA has sent Myrtle a letter stating that neither Myrtle or Coach Gordon had anything to do with turning Ingomar in.

    Bottom Line IHS06, Ingomar screwed up, Ingomar paid the price….. and as far as next year goes, just make sure your coach knows how to fill out a schedule…. that’s 30 games max!!!no matter if it’s preseason or not!!!

  67. sports21

    Old Joe Blow I guess the Supertindent was wrong also since he was the one who said that the coach from Myrtle admitted it during the closed hearing!! I wasn’t there and I bet you weren’t either so maybe the Supertindent heard him wrong?? I doubt it. So unless you were in the room then you can’t say that I am completely wrong. I’m just stating what was said by someone who was in the room.

  68. oldjoeblow

    Yes, Sports21 you are wrong!!!! BTW I would not believe anything that our beloved superintendent says. He has lied before and unfortunately he is lying again if he said that Coach Gordon admitted to turning Ingomar in! (I guess the MHSAA saying that Coach Gordon and Myrtle had nothing to do with turing Ingomar in has no merit with you). Truth is our superintendent has had it in for Coach Gordon for years and he took this opportunity to try to get rid of him and it almost back-fired on Mr. Superintendent big time. I also know someone that was in the room during the meeting and he said that Coach Gordon only admitted to faxing a schedule!!! So you might need to go back to the superintendent and get your stories straight before you post wrong information. BTW does anyone know how West Union did today.

  69. fan10



  70. uc2000

    How can you people say that Myrtle got what they deserved? Do you honestly think these girls did anything? They had no clue what was going on.I think its a disgrace to down grade the school of Myrtle. There is no law against a whistle blower. And nothing they did was wrong.
    Why dont u sit and look at what all these Myrtle girls have been through. Ask any of them how tough their year has been. To start off, a very good friend of theirs passed away, and they weren’t able to play in the first tournament because of this. Can You IMAGINE?!
    Next, you think its all going to be okay. And the team starts falling apart – several players quit for various reasons.
    And then! The superintendant of UC suspends their coach….? For faxing a copy of a schedule…wow, this is really absurd.
    After all these girls have been through, they still were a heck of a team, and no one has the right to say “they got what they deserved.” They didnt deserve anything. They didnt break the rules. They played fair, and worked hard. Congratulations for all your accomplishments girls! I’ll be cheering you on next year!

  71. sportsfan12

    They got what they deserved and more…..yep sure did. Hate to break it to you uc2000 but yep they got what they deserved. The coach was suspended and they got put out of the state tournament. And we are all very sorry for Emily she was a very great person!! (rip Emily) But she is not the issue here. The issue we are talking about is the “whistle blowing” So anyway.

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