Late Hits – Week 6

Notes, numbers and sidelights from Week 6 (or, if you’re an academy, Week 7).

• New Albany’s 28-24 win over previously unbeaten Tishomingo County was the stunner of the night. Sure, Tish backs Tyler Pritchard and Tyler Walker were banged up coming in; sure, starting QB Lee Griffin left in the second quarter with a collarbone injury. But the Braves’ defense (6.6 points per game) was expected to win this game. Someone forgot to tell New Albany tailback Jeremy Cannon, who rushed for 310 yards and a touchdown. I sure hope his coaches nominate him for Daily Journal Player of the Week; if they don’t, I will.

• I’m not surprised East Webster beat Vardaman, but 44-0? If these guys don’t get back to Jackson, I’ll shave my head. Oh, wait …

• Bruce tailback Richard Freelon didn’t get 200 yards! He only managed 154 – 54 below his average coming in – to go with a mere three touchdowns in a 41-14 win over Williams-Sullivan. Kid’s slipping.

• First-year Ripley QB Will Wallis doesn’t have to throw much, but he’s been on the money: 25-for-38 (65.8 percent) for 311 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. I haven’t seen Ripley (6-0) play yet, but I imagine most of Wallis’ passes are high-percentage – he’s averaging 12.4 yards per completion. Tailback Michael Poole leads the team with eight catches – though for only 37 yards – while Tootie Carruth has seven catches for 156. – Stats from Jim Pannell, Ripley statistician/historian

• And finally, the quick kick thrives in Okolona. The Chieftains’ Corielle Garth executed one perfectly from Pontotoc’s 33-yard line, and a Pontotoc safety, thinking it was a pass, tried to catch it. He didn’t. Okolona recovered at the 11 and scored on the next play. An assistant coach told me that was the fourth or fifth time this season Okolona had quick-kicked. What’s next, the drop kick?


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  1. tcfan

    Give Cannon some bigtime credit, that kid has wheels. I bet he runs a 4.5. As for New Albany, I believe one of two things happened,

    New Albany exposed Tishomingo County OR

    Tishomingo County woke a sleeping giant.

    We’ll find out Friday (New Albany @ Shannon)

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