Newsome: Hearing Postponed; He Can Practice

TUPELO – Jeremy Newsome’s eligibility is still up in the air, but he can at least start practicing with Nettleton’s basketball team.

Friday’s scheduled hearing of a lawsuit filed by Newsome’s mother against the Mississippi High School Activities Association was postponed until Oct. 16 because of a full docket. Lawyers for the MHSAA agreed that Newsome could practice until the hearing was held, and that Nettleton would not be subject to any MHSAA-imposed sanctions if the lawsuit was unsuccessful.

The lawsuit was filed in hopes of overriding the MHSAA’s ruling that Newsome’s move from Okolona to Nettleton was not “bona fide,” and thus he could not play basketball for the Tigers. Newsome’s mother, Lyndia Traylor, accuses the Okolona School District of offering “inferior educational opportunities for children.” She also argues that the family’s move was indeed bona fide.

Newsome was ruled ineligible on Sept. 5, and the MHSAA upheld that ruling at an appeal hearing Wednesday. Tupelo attorney Jim Waide, who is representing Traylor, accused the MHSAA of changing its rationale for declaring Newsome ineligible, noting that the appeal report included evidence that was not invoked in the original ruling.

Read more about this story in Saturday’s Daily Journal. 



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3 responses to “Newsome: Hearing Postponed; He Can Practice

  1. tigerteacher

    First let me say that I have no personal interest in where Jeremy Newsome plays basketball or if he ever plays again. My complaint is in what I perceive as a hatchet-job against Bobby Ford. I worked with Bobby for almost twenty years at Okolona. He was always prepared and professional, but above all, he deeply cared about the kids he worked with, even going so far as to provide a “fatherly” influence for them. I doubt seriously that his love of students has changed in the past several years. Bobby is an honest Christian man and I think he is above lying about Jeremy, or about any other student, just so he can keep that student on Okolona’s basketball team. Regarding your comments about basketball boosters: everyone in Okolona is a basketball booster- thanks to Bobby Ford. His character has been maligned and questioned. Your own investigation showed that Nettleton asked for the investigation, not Okolona, so apparently they thought Jeremy’s move was questionable, also.

  2. saltillosaint

    Brad, my username reflects my love for the black and gold in New Orleans and not my persona. I do have some comments regarding the Newsome case. As an investigator for 28 years myself, I see nothing wrong with Larry Williams not contacting the family directly. Afterall, they made their statement when they enrolled him and provided their home information on the school records. It was Mr. Williams job to determine where he felt the family was living. He found, just as many in Okolona will tell you, booster or not, that they had not made a move at that time, and had they not gotten caught, would not have made the move. Just for some inside information, you may want to ask the family the following questions, was Jeremy doing so well in school that Okolona couldn’t challenge him? If so, why did he have to go to summer school. His sister, Iris, who supposedly got her education at Nettleton, according to another DJ writer, graduated from Okolona HS. Also ask the mother when the last time she went to Tunica with her “monthly checks”. If things are so bad for them, how do they afford the likes of Jim Waide to even sue over such a matter. You may find that ole Jim is the new agent for the kid. If he is able to get this done, then every kid who desires to play somewhere else, should have that right. I would be careful jumping to the family’s defense. So often, they will tell you only what you want to hear, or what they want you to hear.

  3. ty1974

    well Im from okolona and i have mix emotions on one hand i can undertsand if jeremy want better coaching. but the way he went about it was wrong.U cant even look a man in the eye and tell him that u transferring to another school. the reason why is b/c he knew it was under handed thats why he didnt wanna talk to bobby Ford.I dont like the way he threw coach Ford under the bus like he wasnt trying to help this kid. The last time i check the TEACHERS couldnt take his test. Now its all about education ok Jeremy now u senior shouldnt your family have thought of that like 3 years ago so th ebottom line is its about Basketball A higher division school. For you to Down Grade the school like that was immature. “Inadaqute education'” I graduated from Okolona and there went on to junior college and then transfered to Miss state univeristy and then got a bachelor degree. SO its not about the School its about the STudent who is giving it they all and not blaming the school b/c u behindin your classes, U put the blame where it belongs all on you JEREMY Newsome. “DOnt say the school failed you, YOU failed yourslef by not taking responsibility for it.”” U wanna pass it off on the school..Not one time have u heard jeremy say””I didnt do What I need to do to graduate on time”

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