Jeremy Newsome – Eligibility Rule

See stories about basketball player Jeremy Newsome in Tuesday’s Daily Journal.

Here is the rule, as found in the MHSAA handbook, that pertains to the transfer of Jeremy Newsome. As you can see, his move falls within these rules; the only thing keeping him off the court is the MHSAA’s claim that he did not make a “bona fide move.”

From SECTION B: General Eligibility Rules
Rule 1

k. A pupil must attend school in the school district of which his parents are actual bona fide residents. A parent can have no more than one bona fide residence at any given time. A bona fide residence is one where the family actually lives. This means the specific dwelling in which the family cooks, eats, and sleeps on a regular basis and claims as its sole or primary place of residence. This rule does not prevent a parent from commuting to work and it does not prevent a father from traveling out of state where his work requires him to do so, provided he returns to the home periodically and considers the home as his legal, permanent residence. The family mail must also be received where the family lives. Neither marriage, legal guardianship, nor change of schools for subject matter purpose affect this rule. Exceptions to Rule l may be made by the Executive Director in the following cases:

5. Where the parents of a pupil are legally separated or divorced by court order which also grants physical custody of the pupil to one of the parents, the pupil shall be eligible where that parent lives. If the pupil should thereafter transfer from the parent thus granted physical custody by the court to the other parent living in a different school area, regardless of whether or not such transfer is the result of a court order changing custody to the other parent, the pupil must remain out of competition for one year before becoming eligible.


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