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Some random, unfiltered thoughts about Friday night’s football action before I go to bed:

• I didn’t have the guts to even say to myself that Aberdeen would beat Nettleton. Had I made a public prediction, it would’ve been something like Tigers 31, Bulldogs 27. Alas, Aberdeen won 44-42 (excellent story written by Brandon Speck, by the way) and showed that last year means jack squat: Nettleton the defending 3A north champ? Aberdeen 0-10? So what?

• FYI, you’ve got my respect, Tishomingo County.

• Early Daily Journal Player of the Year candidates: Offense – Bruce RB Richard Freelon; Tupelo WR/KR Chad Bumphis; Shannon QB Michael Ledbetter; Defense – Itawamba AHS nose guard William Shumpert; Starkville LB Robert Tate; Shannon CB Arceto Clark. Thoughts? (I just know I’m forgetting somebody.)

• After deadline tonight, we bounced around the idea of having a “Bottom 10” rankings, but we wisely nixed it. But not until we’d thoroughly entertained ourselves with the possibilities. … Thoughts?

• Possible headline for the next Jaquise Cook and Michael Poole rampage: “Ripley Cooks up a Poole party.” Genius.

• I heard Starkville coach Bill Lee sat eight of his starters for an unspecified disciplinary violation. Yellowjackets still beat DeSoto Central 31-19. Might need those guys against Tupelo next week.

Jonathan Banks, the East Webster QB, managed to refer to himself in the third person while being humble. “It wasn’t just all Jonathan Banks,” he said after his four-touchdown performance. Kid’s got a future.



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4 responses to “Quickie Blog

  1. tcfan

    oh you know you’re leaving someone out lol. I’m biased of course and I don’t expect him to get “Player of the Year” because he’s only a junior but should definitely be in some consideration.

    Tyler Pritchard (Tishomingo County), I personally think if he was 6’0 185lbs and has the moves he does with his body now, NO DOUBT he would be a D1 back. We have a weaker O-Line this year and it’s not hurting Pritchard a bit, running for 192 yards last week against Saltillo. He’s not just a running back, but a very solid AND explosive kick and punt returner. I think he had to of had 300-350 all purpose yards against Saltillo last week. I hate to say this because people turn around what I say but his MOVES are certainly compared to that of Reggie Bush when he was at USC.

    He should definitely be in consideration. I figure Chad Bumphis will get it though since he’s from Tupelo.

  2. Yes, I’ve seen Tyler play. Amazing ability, and he would certainly be a candidate. Class matters not.

    Bumphis will have to earn it as much as anyone else. Despite some folks’ perception, I do not have a Tupelo bias (for or against). True, we sell more papers in Tupelo than anywhere else, so the Wave will get covered more, but otherwise, the playing field is level.

  3. tcfan

    Yeah, no doubt Chad Bumphis should be in that conversation as much as anybody, no matter where he’s from. What’s he run like a 4.4? Why isn’t he getting Rivals or any big recruiting agencies hype? Where do you think he’ll end up

  4. tcfan

    I think the bottom 10 would be a good idea, but I’m sure I wouldn’t think so 3 years ago lol since my team would fall under the category. If readers wouldn’t get their feelings hurt, it would definitely be a good idea, but knowing our area I know some people would take ya’lls comical “Bottom 10” personal.

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