Annotated Rankings

Check out this daisy chain: Okolona beat Calhoun City, which beat Vardaman, which beat Bruce, which beat Baldwyn, the Daily Journal’s No. 1-ranked small school all season – until now.

Thanks to all that, along with Nettleton’s getting drummed by Louisville on Friday, the old rankings are ready to be calibrated. (I looked it up, and “recalibrated” is not actually a word, which means I can’t say “recalibrated rankings.” Dang it.) That’s why Ripley jumped two spots to No. 1, Okolona two spots to No. 2, Bruce from unranked to No. 3, Baldwyn three spots down to No. 4, and Nettleton three spots to No. 5. And poor Calhoun City, which won Friday, fell from fifth to unranked.

Don’t like it? Give me your suggestion, then. As I’ve said before, this is why I despise preseason rankings, because they can foul up every ranking thereafter. Remember last season, when one-loss Ripley was No. 1 for so long ahead of unbeaten Nettleton? Caught some flak for that, but since Ripley started out well ahead of the Tigers in the preseason – and that one loss was by one point to Class 4A New Albany in the season opener – I couldn’t simply make them swap places.

Honestly, I have a hard time believing Okolona is the second-best small school in the area, but I’m trapped by the system. Then again, maybe the Chieftains are that good. Remember, I didn’t even have Ripley ranked in the preseason. So maybe I was trapped by my own ignorance.

For those of you who didn’t catch them in the paper, here are the new rankings:

Large Schools
Team W-L Pvs

1. Shannon 4-0 1
2. West Point 3-1 2
3. Tupelo 3-1 4
4. Starkville 2-2 3
5. Lafayette Co. 3-1 5

Small Schools
Team W-L Pvs

1. Ripley 4-0 3
2. Okolona 4-0 4
3. Bruce 3-1 NR
4. Baldwyn 3-1 1
5. Nettleton 3-1 2
Dropped out: Calhoun City (3-1).



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5 responses to “Annotated Rankings

  1. tcfan

    Eventually Tishomingo County will have to enter the top 5 of top schools because one of those five have to go down especially Tupelo and Starkville. I see TC 7-0 going into the Itawamba game.

  2. You are probably right, tcfan. Been keeping my eye on the Braves, and though they haven’t played the toughest of schedules, they keep winning. Once everyone gets into region play, I expect the large school rankings to get shaken up quite a bit, especially spots 3-5. And a 7-0 team would be hard to keep out.

  3. djt27

    I understand where u are coming from with the rankings situation.I am an ex-shannon football player(D.J. Toliver leading receiver ’02 season) and if I must say so myself, we get no respect in the state polls. Even though it was only a spring scrimmage we beat the number 3 team in the state(Olive Branch). Also ranked in the state was West Point (whom we also beat), and must I mention Lafayette was also 24th in the state before the season started. They (Clarion-Ledger) finally ranked us at number 7 in the state after week three but after fridays game against Amory I don’t even know if we are still ranked. It’s good to see that the Daily Journal keeps close tabs on whose Hot and whose not…but I must admit that I think y’all go over board with the Tupelo stuff…I don’t know if it is because they represent the city or what but I agree with tcfan…they should be out of the top 5. Since I finally got myself a username you’ll be hearing from me more often…especially after 10:00 p.m. Fridays!!!!!

  4. Thanks for joining up, djt. Yeah, we do a lot on Tupelo because we sell more papers here than in any other city, and it’s our homebase. But I’m trying to give more pub to our other county schools, and pretty much anyone who’s winning. Got 45 football-playing schools to cover, so it’s a challenge, but one I enjoy.

    Looking forward to your future posts.

  5. ty1974

    you might be right about okolona they havent prove anyhting to me of yet. it was big win against calhoun City shutting them down on the road. but i wanna see how they fare in the coming weeks against 4a pontotoc and East webster. Im an okolona Fan , i think defensivly they are tuff but the new spread offense is a working progress thats why its doubt about the ranking, but the defense has shut everyteam out so far just giving up 7 points a game

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